Enjoying a Responsible Gaming Environment

I am not a gambler, nor do I advocate gambling. I am a realist and I understand that so many adults enjoy not just gambling but gaming and other activities.

I watched the movie Runner, Runner (it was a free rental at our resort in Hawaii), that shared a story about a grad student that pays for school with on-line gambling, bottoms out and travels to Costa Rica to confront the on-line mastermind, Ivan, whom he believes has swindled him. I won’t spoil the movie but it showed how easy it was to manipulate the gaming and casino world.

Online casino has really broadened the gambling world and made it a lot more accessible for beginners and novices. Due to all of the many casino games available on all the different devices,
more and more people are enjoying online casino as a hobby.

It’s very easy to access online casinos. As well as all of the software that you can download, you can log onto any website online from PC’s laptops and smart phones and use online casino’s not only for real money, but also demo games for free.

Make sure you are not gambling money that you cannot afford to lose – like any fixed expense like your mortgage or any loans.

Having a set budget is a very important thing to have before you start with online casino. Working out a budget involves figuring out how much you can comfortably spend on gambling without
getting into trouble and then dividing it between all the days of the week that you want to play depending how many times a week you want to play. Once you have that organised, you don’t need
to worry and can continue gambling it and really enjoying, and stopping when you hit your budget limit.

Choosing the best online casino for you from the hundreds on offer can be difficult too. It’s worth spending a little time on research. One of the well- known casinos is Lucky Nugget providing the most popular casino games out there. There will be plenty of reviews online of the best casinos to use and which ones offer the best genuine incentives and bonuses. Once you have chosen it’s a good idea to have a look at the house rules and make sure you are familiar with them.

As well as working out a budget, you should work out how much time you want to spend on your hobby too. All hobbies have their place in your life but in order to keep enjoying it as a game it’s a
good idea to not let it spill into other areas of your life by taking up too much time.

I always want to make sure that you are not gambling away your time with your loved ones as well – it is important to realize that gambling comes with a cost.

Canadians to be affected by government financial changes as of April 2016

Federal payments by direct deposit are coming your way!

When you consider that it costs approximately 83 cents for the federal government to issue payments by cheque and around 11 cents for direct deposit, you can understand the Government’s decision to eliminate cheques (except in exceptional circumstances) as of April 1, 2016. After that date, all payments made by the federal government including Old Age Security, Canada Pension Plan, GST/HST payments and Tax refunds to name a few will be made by direct deposit.

26360_infographic_journey of a cheque1

The majority of Canadians have already enrolled for direct deposit. If you’re one of a dwindling minority who hasn’t done so yet, here’s some information that may help you get onboard.

How direct deposit works

With direct deposit, you designate a bank account and authorize the deposit of specific payments directly into that account. Your privacy is assured and your funds will be electronically transferred directly into your account – its secure and reliable.

How to enroll for direct deposit

You can get the forms online but you don’t need a computer or access to the Internet. You’ll find the forms at your local Service Canada Centre and at your financial institution. The latter will even help you fill it out. If all of your cheques are to be deposited in one bank account, you only need to fill out one form that takes just minutes to complete. Once you’ve enroled, you can track all deposits made to your account and continue your bill-paying by going to the bank if you like as well as all your other banking routines.

There are lots of reasons to like it – Benefits of direct deposit

Direct deposit is:

Fast. The money is guaranteed to be in your bank account on time. That’s especially important if you have arranged automatic withdrawals to pay rent, property taxes, hydro, etc.

Secure. There’s no risk of your payment being delayed, misplaced, lost, stolen, or damaged.

Convenient. The money is in your account when needed even if you’re away from home on a holiday or unable – for any reason – to get to the bank right away.

A timesaver. There’s no need to adjust your schedule (picking up the kids, attending classes, visiting the doctor, etc.) to accommodate banking hours and there’s no need to wait in line for a teller or ATM either.

Easily Managed. If you receive more than two or more payments, for example the Universal Child Care benefit and EI, they can be deposited in one account or in different ones – even at different banks.

Designed to save taxpayers money. The government estimates that direct deposit will save taxpayers about $17 million each year.

More information is available

Visit your bank or other financial institution or call toll free 1-800-O-Canada (1-800-622-6232). You can also find more information, including a short informative video, at Public Works and Government Services Canada’s website: www.directdeposit.gc.ca

Five Best Ways To Get Extra Mileage Out Of Your Car Lease

For a growing number of drivers, leasing a vehicle is becoming a more popular choice than car ownership thanks to the affordable rates and low up-front costs.


Getting more for your monthly payment is a huge benefit of a lease, although it doesn’t provide the growing equity that owning your own automobile does. Despite being left with little to show for your lease after it is over, the total cost savings is enough to sway many shoppers. If you’re opting for a lease, here are five tips that can stretch your money even further and get you driving the car you want for a price that’s within your budget:

1. Negotiate The Vehicle’s Price, Not Just Monthly Rate – When leasing a car, most consumers underestimate the importance of the vehicle’s total price. Just as when making a purchase, the overall value of the vehicle is what determines your monthly payment. Negotiating solely based on your monthly budget will leave you at a price disadvantage to others savvy enough to bring down the price on both fronts.

2. Pay Attention To Manufacturer Deals – Vehicle manufacturers are always running promotions. On some automobiles, during certain parts of the year, these promotions can mean significant savings that are passed on to you from the dealer. If you’re planning to lease a vehicle, keeping up with the car companies’ deals can help narrow down the best-valued vehicle, as well as the best time to make a move and sign a lease.

3. Plan For Your Mileage Needs – One of the most costly expenses for drivers leasing their vehicles are mileage overages, especially with luxury cars. Dealerships and vehicle leasing companies routinely charge $0.10 to $0.25 per mile over their specified annual limits, which are commonly 10,000 or 15,000 miles. Determine how much you’ll likely be driving before signing your lease and be sure to choose a mileage plan that won’t leave you paying an arm and a leg when it’s time to turn the car in.

4. Consider Vehicles With High Residual Values – Since we’ve already established that lease prices are based on a car’s total value, it makes sense that the amount the vehicle is worth after your lease is up come into play when determining price. Industry sites like fincar.com.au can help you track the best vehicle options when leasing. Choosing a vehicle with a high residual value will help lower your monthly costs by minimizing the amount the car depreciates while you have it.

5. Treat Your Car Like Royalty – Gone are the days when leasing a car meant extending the same amount of care you would give to a rental vehicle. Under modern automotive leases, you are likely going to be responsible for any small damages outside of the scope of normal wear and tear. In order to avoid potentially sizeable fees when your lease period is up, be mindful of the car’s interior care and be sure to keep up with any regularly scheduled maintenance.

Finding great deals on lease vehicles isn’t difficult in today’s automobile market. Many car companies are offering great specials to drivers interested in leasing, and being up-to-date and knowledgeable on industry trends is sure to help you save even more. With research, due diligence and a readiness to jump on the best deals when they arise, stretching your funds with a vehicle lease can be a piece of cake.

David Lye is a finance expert who also happens to be passionate about cars. Thanks to his interests, he founded fincar.com.au. David enjoys helping others find a vehicle they love at a cost they

Income Protection Insurance: A Smart Move for Everybody

With the recent trends in economic activities, financial uncertainties have become one of the predominant concerns of most people. Whether you are a single, a breadwinner or one who has a family on his own, it is always a smart move to ensure alternative source of income or financial insurance in case of inevitable emergencies that may come across in everyday lives.

Income tax

There are bunch of circumstances that may threaten your financial stability, that is why acquiring for your personal income protection would really be a smart and practical decision.
The Deal about Income Protection

Even though financial recession has become a rampant issue to most countries, not all people are aware about the existence and benefits of such insurance. To give a quick glance on what this insurance is for, here’s what you have to know about it.

Also known as Salary Continuance Insurance, Income Protection Insurance specifically holds a policy that ensures policyholders an assured fixed amount of money, which can be either weekly or monthly, if they are unable to work due to uncontrollable situations including illnesses and accidents. This can provide holder up to 75% of gross annual income in the event that the holder is unable to acquire his or her salary from his or her job because of the noted scenarios.

A good and beneficial income protection usually has a policy that allows pay out after 30 days the holder is unable to work and will continue to provide pay out until the insurance holder is able to return to his or her job or until he or she reaches his retirement age, which is commonly at 65 years old.

Noted Advantages of Acquiring Income Protection
Since surely you’d be interested about the perks of having such insurance, here are some of the undeniable benefits you could have just by availing the most quality of it.
The foremost significant edge of this is the financial security. Since you wouldn’t specifically know when a dilemma or trouble would strike, it is a peace of mind knowing that you have something to rely on when it inevitably strikes. In this way, you could still go on with your day-to-day needs, especially if you have a family to support.

Paying bills, education and other necessities wouldn’t be that much of a fuss if you have this insurance as it will support you until you get back to your feet again.

Aside from these basic things, an income protection also offers other add-on such as death benefits, health and even surgery if you wish to include it. The catch here, hence, is the trick of searching for the best one since many offerings can be found online.

You should also know that insurance companies do not have the authority to refuse or cancel out your renewal to such policy provided that you are also guaranteed to pay the insurance premium fees continuously. So if you want to get that worry and anxiety out of your mind when dealing with job and financial issues, better start that smart move of acquiring Income Protection Insurance.

Forex Technical Analysis

When discussing Forex, technical analysis is the term for the use of indicators resulting from past price movements in forecasting future price movements. There are many financial indicators to choose from when conducting Forex technical analysis. Each indicator has its own strong points and a Forex trader can decide to use only one or several at the same time in order to help him reach a profitable judgment regarding the trade he is interested in placing.

Momentum indicators are one instrument employed consistently in Forex Technical analysis and they are very useful tools. Moving averages, or MA’s, can be adapted to be momentum indicators as well as Support/Resistance markers. With Forex technical analysis, we can plot multiple moving averages of different time spans on our charts and thus create a useful momentum indicator referred to as the moving average crossover.

Forex Technical Analysis

There are two types of moving average crossovers used in Forex technical analysis. The first type involves a given price which crosses over or under a given moving average.

The second type of moving average crossover is the shorter-duration moving average which cross over or under longer, slower moving averages.

Using Forex technical analysis, we can understand under what conditions a moving average crossover signals a possible momentum and trend change and how to identify a ‘signal’ from a trader’s ‘secret proprietary system.’

Other Indicators

There are several other popular technical indicators used in Forex trading. To the ear of the novice Forex trader, the names of these indicators may sound strange indeed. Trend lines, Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci Retracements, Stochastic Oscillators. But as intimidating as these names are, they are really quite easy to apply and it is possible for traders with any level of experience to incorporate these indicators into their daily trade-decision process. In fact, with the latest generation of trading platforms fully capable of performing the necessary calculations for you, you certainly don’t have to be a mathematician in order to generate accurate market charts.

Forex technical analysis can be uniquely applied for different traders. Traders have their own interpretation of where they see trends and support and they also have their own ideas about setting up their indicators. These differences are collectively applies as a trading system that is custom made to your specific requirements. You can ask ten different traders what their strategy is and there is no doubt whatsoever that you will hear about ten dissimilar systems utilizing totally diverse signals. This diversification is what creates a market and allows it to continue.

Technical analysis is very useful in Forex trading but it is important to note that this tool makes up only one portion of what you need to know when trading Forex. Understanding technical analysis will give the charts some meaning when you look at them and help you understand why certain price movements occurred. But there is more to know if you want to come out a winner in Forex. In depth knowledge of Forex markets and what makes Forex work coupled with considerable practice are needed before you can hope for a profitable outcome.

Studiotax 2013 Free Now Available for Download

StudioTax 2013 is the next version to prepare and file the 2013 (due by April 30, 2014) federal and provincial income tax returns including Quebec provincial returns.
StudioTax is FREE regardless of income
The CRA and Revenue Quebec certified 2012 version is available for download
StudioTax 2012 and prior versions are only available for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

As always, StudioTax is made available FREE for personal use and regardless of level of income. NO questions asked, NO registration, NO key, and NO activation.
StudioTax is very secure way to prepare and file your return. StudioTax is a Windows program (not a Web site) that installs on your computer’s local hard drive, saves your returns on your computer’s local hard drive, and absolutely NO information, personal or otherwise, leaves your computer.

I have used this for over 6 years now! Saved a bundle!

Forecasting the Stock Market


Major Evidence Against Forecasting

There is plenty of research supporting the idea that predicting the stock market is a waste of time. Probably the most famous critic is Princeton University Professor Burton Malkiel, author of the best-selling finance classic A Random Walk Down Wall Street, which was first published in 1973. Malkiel argues that the stock market is simply too random for any investor to make predictions allowing for superior returns in the long run (unless that investor takes on more risk).

One example from his 2011 edition shows that in the 1970s, the top 20 equity funds had a compound annual return of 19.0% vs. the average of 10.4% for all funds. Unfortunately, these fund managers could not replicate the results in the next decade. In the 1980s, those same “winning” managers had annual returns of 11.1% vs. 11.7% for all funds. The same turn of events happened in the 1980s and 1990s. The top 20 funds of the 1980s had annual returns of 18.0% vs. 14.1% for the S&P 500. In the 1990s, those same 20 funds had annual returns of 13.7% vs. 14.9% for the S&P 500. The funds which were originally beating the index lost to it in the next period, suggesting the winning decade was just luck.

Malkiel presents solid evidence that the stock market is impossible to predict because very few can consistently do better than average.

Evidence From the Vanguard Study

Vanguard published a research paper on the topic of stock returns called Forecasting Stock Returns: What Signals Matter and What Do They Say Now? They analyzed 16 popular metrics, studying market data from 1926 through 2011 to determine the predictive abilities of these allegedly useful tools. Below are their three main findings.

First Major Finding

The first takeaway is that stocks are basically unpredictable in the short term. The analysts used one-year periods of returns and applied the 16 metrics. For all of them, the predictive power was close to zero. Nothing was effective.

Second Major Finding

The second critical point is that even for long-term periods, most of the popular methods had very weak predictive power. For example, the researchers purposely included rainfall (which should have zero predictive power) to compare against actual metrics. Rainfall was able to predict 6% of the variance of 10-year stock returns, which beat eight of the supposedly legitimate predictive tools.

Third Major Finding

The third key conclusion is that P/E ratios have modest predictive ability for the long-term. Finishing in first place was Yale University professor Robert Shiller’s P/E10 ratio (also called the cyclically adjusted P/E ratio or Shiller CAPE). To calculate it, Shiller uses the S&P 500 P/E ratio and divides by the inflation-adjusted earnings of the prior 10 years. This tool was able to predict 43% of the variance of stock returns in an ensuing ten-year period. In second place was the P/E1 ratio, which is similar, but divides by the earnings of the previous year. This tool had a predictive power of 38%.

Trading in Accordance With the P/E10

Professor Shiller recommends putting less money into stocks when the ratio is high, and more into stocks when the ratio is low. You can find the ratio on his website, with data going back to 1871 to determine when to invest more in stocks. Alternatively, you can invest in Shiller’s mutual fund (ticker symbol: CAPE), which focuses solely in industries with a low ratio.

For other personal finance topics by this author, visit www.financesquiggle.com. Additional stock investing strategies can be found at his post http://financesquiggle.com/stocks-to-buy-now/.

Top Factors That Affect the Cost of Automobile Insurance

There’s no way around it — owning an automobile means carrying automobile insurance, unless you want to bear the full financial responsibility for any losses due to theft or accidents. That said, you have a certain amount of control over how much you have to pay for that auto insurance. Let’s examine some of these variables:
Theft incidence – Some cars, trucks or other vehicles cost more to insure because of their attractiveness to thieves. These vehicles do not necessarily sit on the high range of the MSRP scale, either; in fact, many less expensive cars fall prey to theft because they lack remote keyless entry systems of other sophisticated electronics found in pricier models. Popular foreign cars such as the Honda Accord and Nissan Altima are popular with thieves because their parts can command healthy prices at "chop shops." Conversely, decidedly non-flashy cars or models with problematic reliability histories often make the "least stolen" lists. I
. Insurance companies pay close attention to these lists — which means you should too.
Retail price – Insurance companies actually base much of a premium estimate on the vehicle’s MSRP. Don’t be surprised if your gorgeous Jaguar, Porsche or Mercedes-Benz costs an arm and a leg to insure, even at minimal levels. That’s because high-performance cars tend to inspire high-performance maneuvers from their drivers, and this makes them more likely to turn up in accident and injury reports. That "sensible" subcompact may not get your blood pumping, but the money you save on insurance can keep your bank account from bleeding money.
High-performance luxury cars can mean higher insurance rates.
Anti-theft devices – Auto insurance companies respond favorably to these smart accessories options when figuring your premiums. Ask your insurer how adding an electronic alarm or remote keyless entry system could lower your rate. Not every system will automatically qualify, so make sure you have this conversation before you run out and buy that new theft deterrent system.
Safety features – Extra safety features on a car can result in a lower risk of death or injury in an accident, a fact taken into consideration when auto insurance companies estimate your coverage costs. Keep in mind, however, that the same airbag systems responsible for lowering your injury risk may also attract would-be thieves. Could this have an undesirable effect on your premium? Maybe, but in this case life and health matter more. Get the safety features.
Safety features can save both your money and your life.
Demographics – Sometimes it pays to drive into work from that sleep town next door; residents of big, densely-populated cities can expect to pay more for auto insurance. If you are insuring a car driven by a minor, ask about possible rate discounts based on your child’s academic performance, or for the child’s participation in a teen driving awareness program.
Of course some items, such as spotty accident history or previous DWIs, may affect your eligibility for affordable auto insurance beyond your control. But grasp the options available to you, and start enjoying more affordable auto coverage!

William Reynolds has worked as a freelance copywriter since 1997. William has helped many a business market its wares and manage its online reputation through professional website content, ghost-blogging, print marketing content and audio/video scripts.
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Make it cheaper by comparing and saving

My goal is to is to cut back on all my utilities and save money on bills. After all who wants to spend their hard earned money on electricity and gas bills. This is certainly not a new concept to me or anyone looking to cut their budget. It would be nice if someone could actually do the work for me, shop around and find better rates.

make it cheaperMake It Cheaper is a website dedicated to helping Australian business and household save money on their their electricity and gas bills. It is Australia’s leading energy comparison website, committed to finding you the most competitive electricity and gas deal possible. They even guarantee you’ll save you money when you switch with Make It Cheaper. Do you know where this can be done with cell phones in Canada?

They’ll compare your current energy rates with their network of energy suppliers to help find a better deal.

They offer FREE quotes and no hidden costs. It takes only minutes to find the best deal.They do this by negotiating competitive deals with a network of retailers to ensure customers can access competitive deals. It’s a service that offers a saving solution for a business or consumers electricity, gas, fixed line, broadband and mobile phone bills.

Their goal is to empower Australians to make better decisions about their bills, helping both businesses and households secure the best deal that fits their needs.

So why is Make It Cheaper different and do they stand out?

Because Make It Cheaper offers  guarantee of savings as well as a Market Monitoring service. This is a service that allows customers save money when they switch over to Make It Cheaper they also will not get rolled onto uncompetitive rates at the end of their contract term.

My questions is why isn’t anyone doing this in Canada? This would certainly be a great service! Gotta love those Ozzies, they know more than just about rugby after all.

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