4 reasons to use ING Direct for your TFSA account

One of the main reasons why I think people should put their emergency fund in a TFSA is that they are getting a decent return that keeps up with inflation.

I have nothing but good words to say about ING Direct and came up with 4 reasons to use them.

Reason #1:No fees, no service charges and no minimum balances

This is a great reason. My wife and I use PC Financial, another great company in Canada, that has free chequing accounts for Canadians. We love not having monthly fees or maintenance fees or account setup fees or transfer fees. No Fees banking and investing are the way to go!

Reason #2: Free Bonus when creating an account

Isn’t a bonus great? ING Direct gives you a $25 bonus for each new member that you refer. It is a great perk but not the #1 reason I like ING Direct.

Also, when you open an Account with a minimum balance of $100, ING Direct will start you off with a $25 bonus if you use an Orange Key provided by Grocery Alerts!

Complete the online Enrollment Form. Don’t forget to include the Orange Key 33994459s1 into the enrollment form.

Reason #3: Tell A friend Bonus

Once you have an account, you also get an Orange Key to refer friends and family and not only do they get $25 added to their account, you will also get $25. Not a tell a friend program.

Reason #4: Great rates (not the best though)

Currently, ING Direct Canada is paying for their Tax-Free Investment Savings Account (TFSA)  a rate of 2.00%. This is a good rate but it is in no means going to make you rich! I use our families TFSA account for storing our emergency fund and for saving for certain holidays. Canadian Tire actually had a larger rate last week (3.5%) but I like ING Direct and they are easy to use.