4 Smart Ideas On How To Save With College Books

Let’s face it: college is going to be expensive no matter how you look at it, unless you’re one of the lucky ones with a full scholarship. Whether your back at school for a Masters in Communications, or just beginning with your bachelors degree, no student can escape high book prices. But then again, why would you be reading this if you did?

There are many expenses that you aren’t able to negotiate such as tuition. But you can still survive college without going into a ton of debt if you are savvy in how you spend your hard earned money. Since books are one the biggest expenses after tuition, this article covers a few good ways to save on those pesky books.

Here are four ways you can save on college books:

college student and books

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Rent Books – This one is a no brainer right? With so many options on the internet, there are tons of websites that offer textbooks for rent. Even a site as simple as Amazon will yield a lot of options for you. If the book is available for rent, it’ll list the price and how long you’ll have it for.

Be careful to check the fine print to see what might happen if you don’t return the book on time or in pristine condition. You don’t want to risk paying more than you bargained for if you aren’t careful in how you take care of that book. Don’t forget to check your campus bookstore too to see if they offer book rental services. There might be off campus bookstores close by that might be willing to rent books.

Make friends with students that are in the same major as you (Older and Younger) – The advantage to this is that many of these friends will most likely take the same courses as you. You can organize a system where you can borrow each other’s books (if you bought them that is). Think about swapping books, for example, if you take the same courses within the same year but during different semesters. Your buddies can also alert you on good deals on books, other students who might want to sell their used books or others who want to join your awesome book swapping group. You can take it even one step further and rent textbooks to people you come across to make some extra cash.

Ebooks can be your best friends – If you have an eReader or a tablet, you can save some money by buying the digital version.  If you choose to rent, you don’t need to worry about what condition it is in when it is returned. Websites such aschegg.com even plants a tree through American Forests for every book you rent. If you are a literature major, you can even score free classics on many reputable websites. A popular website for this is Project Gutenberg, which boasts over 42,000 free books.

Take Care of Your Books – If you had to buy a textbook, try to keep it as pristine as you can. That includes no writing or highlighting. That way, if you choose to sell your book at a later date, you can sell it for more money because of the excellent condition it is in.

With these tips, you can save money on your college expenses, especially those high priced textbooks. You can then use the extra money for other expenses, like food or gas.

Guest article comes courtesy of Missy Diaz who writes about college and education topics including how to grab a master’s degree in business administration from online portals.