5 Most Expensive Athlete Homes

In my teens, I remember the show MTV Cribs, where celebrities or regular people showed off their lovely homes. Now, I may never have the wealth or be famous like any of these athletes but I can’t believe the means some of these celebs go through to show off or live like kings.

Here are some of the unusually expensive homes:

#1. Greg Norman (former PGA tour golfer and now golf course builder)

Greg Norman's house

Where: Jupiter Island, Florida

Size: 18,000 sq.ft.

Features: Eight acres of land including some ocean front property, six buildings total that can park up to 17 cars valued at $65 million.

#2. Tiger Woods: 54.5 Million


Where: Jupiter Island, Florida

Size: 10,000 sq.ft.

Features: Four bedrooms, boathouse, golf training studio, cinema, wine cellar, pool, tennis court, gym, 100-foot running track, and a four hole golf course.

Tiger Woods built this house after his divorce (can you imagine a slip and slide on that lawn).

#3. David Beckham:


Where: Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire

Size: 24 acres

Features: Seven bedrooms, gazebos, petting zoo, recording studio, indoor and outdoor pools, gym, tennis courts, billiard room, and garden.

Most people know who David Beckham is even if they do not follow football soccer.  It is appraised at $22 Million.

They currently live in Beverly Hills, California worth around $18 million.

#4. Tom Brady: assessed at $20 Million


Where: Brentwood, California

Size: 22,000 sq.ft.

Features: Eight bedrooms, nursery, spa, pool, butler’s room, wine cellar, and gym

Tom Brady is a Super-Bowl winning quarterback and has a celebrity supermodel wife. At 22,000 square feet it is approx 35 times bigger than my house! It is tough to feel sorry that his team lost the Super Bowl.

#5. Chris Bosh: assessed at $13 Million


Where: Miami, Florida

Size: 12,000 sq.ft.

Features: Seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, gym, infinity pool, elevator

Former Toronto Raptor has moved down to South Beach and is living in the lap of luxury here with a tidy 12,000 square foot house.

Which of these houses is your favorite and would you ever build a 10,000+ square foot (even if you won the lottery)?


7 thoughts on “5 Most Expensive Athlete Homes”

    1. I know! I don’t feel sorry for Tom Brady one bit for losing the Super Bowl.

  1. I always find it interesting to see how excessive some rich people make their homes. How do they even come up with the price tags for some of these properties. $65 million doesn’t even seem like a real number to me. For many it seems to be an ego thing. They have tons of money and feel the need to show it off. Who actually needs 10,000+ square feet? I definitely don’t think I would get that crazy if I won the lottery.

    As for my favourite, it’s tough to tell from these photos, but I’d suspect that Tiger Woods’ place is probably the best one featured here.

    1. I totally agree with you. Even if I had bags of money I would not have such a flashy house or excess living style.

      Look at Warren Buffett – he still lives in an older home in Omaha (having been there he contributes to the local economy and they have made many billionaires in the area).

      I always look at someone’s legacy (like Andrew Carnegie or Bill Gates) that ensures their wealth helps more people.

      I also like Tiger’s new bachelor pad.

    1. I know to figure what you can buy for 1 million dollars.

      The price of one of their doors must be 50,000!

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