8 Bank-Breaking Medical Emergencies

Medical facilities have become more expensive in the past few years because of the constant improvement in techniques and technology. You might have seen your medical bill and wondered why it cost so much to have that small procedure done.

Healthcare insurance is an absolute must if you want to be prepared for all kinds of medical emergencies. Even a quick trip to the ER will cost you a fair amount of money.

There are some medical emergencies that require procedures which are exorbitantly expensive. Some of them include:

  1. The need for a heart transplant:

Treatment for most cardiovascular diseases can cost a bomb, but a heart transplant is among the most expensive procedures that are available today. They are extremely complicated, and the availability of hearts for transplant is an issue. The waiting list runs fairly long. If a heart condition goes awry, then a transplant is the only cure.

  1. The need for a bone marrow transplant:

One of the most popular treatment procedures for certain kinds of cancers, a bone marrow transplant can prove to be costly. The procedure can be performed with a donor’s marrow or the patient’s bone marrow. There are risks and complications associated with this procedure, and it requires an extensive recovery period.

  1. Kidney failure:

If a kidney completely stops working, a patient will need a kidney transplant in order to lead a regular life. A kidney transplant can prove to be very expensive because it requires a lot of preparation and involves high risk. Moreover, patients will need a long recovery period during which the bills continue to surge.

  1. Coronary artery bypass graft:

Patients suffering from coronary heart diseases might require a CABG which can be an expensive procedure. Heart disease is one o the most common causes of death in the United States which has made open heart surgery a rather frequent procedure. It is usually an urgent medical procedure that often leads to complication. Patients need intensive care till they recover fully.

  1. Liver failure:

The only way to combat liver surgery is to have a liver transplant performed. It is a costly process because liver transplant is a high-risk surgery. Moreover, the eligibility criteria tend to be rigid, and there are administrative and record expenses to be borne. Along the cost of the surgery and the aftercare, you are left with a hefty bill.

  1. Deterioration of chronic lung diseases:

If all other remedies have failed, patients suffering from chronic lung diseases like emphysema and cystic fibrosis have to resort to lung transplant. The cost is very high because of the risks that accompany the procedure.

  1. Failure of the small intestine:

The small intestine is responsible for absorbing nutrition, and its failure can be life-threatening. An intestinal transplant can save the day, but it is one of the costliest surgical procedures out there.

  1. The need for tracheostomy:

Since it is an emergency room procedure, a tracheotomy can cost quite a lot. It allows a patient to breathe and requires extensive aftercare.

Make sure that you keep your emergency funds ready.