8 Tips For College Students On Earning Money

Being a college student is hard for many reasons. For one, you have to study a lot and maintain good grades all year long while still having some fun with your college experience.


But then there is also the tight budget that you have to deal with. Many students are living with minimum amounts of money and they can’t afford to spend a lot of time working.


This is why you need to find a simple job that you can do while studying that can also give you a decent income. Here are some options.


1.Food delivery

Delivering food is a good job that can also bring you a decent income while not taking away much of your time. You can also study while delivering if you record your notes in audio and listen to it while driving or walking. It’s a good job for all of those students who like to be active and spend some time outdoors.


  1. Online tutoring

As a student, you have a lot of knowledge in a lot of subjects. You can monetize this knowledge by signing up for a service like Academized or UKWritings and teaching students all over the world. In some cases, you can even teach English which is simple enough if you are a native English language speaker. This way, you’ll earn at least $10 an hour without leaving your room.


  1. Web design

If you are a skilled web designer or if you are studying to become one, this is a perfect job for you. You can find these jobs anywhere online and they pay a lot so you’ll be able to earn enough money for you and help your parents out as well. For instance, you could create sites like Simple Grad, My Writing Way, StateOfWriting, Via Writing and so on.


  1. Rideshare driving

This is one of the simpler jobs that you can do as it only requires you to know how to drive and have a car. Apps like Uber and Lyft are always looking for drivers and you can sign up for both in order to earn even more money. The pay is decent and you can also study while waiting for passengers to arrive. In some cases, you’ll even be able to listen to audio recordings of your lessons.


  1. Online reviewing

This is a job most people aren’t familiar with but it is quite simple and it gives you a decent income. You are only supposed to use assigned websites and services to an extent, without spending any money and then write reviews on those sites. Sites like Top Canadian Writers and Revieweal always have job openings.


  1. Resume writing

Many people nowadays want a good resume but they don’t want to go through the trouble of writing one. This is where you can earn a lot of money if you are a skilled resume writer and you want to help others. Sign up for sites like Assignment Writing Service and you’ll be able to earn money while writing resumes for other people.


  1. Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading is another tedious job that people don’t like to do by themselves. Sites like Essayroo and Big Assignments can hire you to edit and proofread other people’s documents or books. This is a fun job because you’ll get to learn a lot of new things while using basic grammar, spelling and style rules and applying them to the documents and books you are supposed to edit.

  1. Academic writing

This is a job for all of those students who like to write and are good at crafting papers. These gigs are fairly easy to find and you won’t have to leave your room to do them. You can work for sites like Boomessays or Paper Fellows which offer a decent income in exchange for your writing.



While earning money as a student isn’t easy, it doesn’t have to be complicated either. With internet and a of the possibilities nowadays, you can earn money and still have time to study. Look up some of these jobs and see if they work for you.