About Canadian Personal Finance

CanadianPersonalFinance.com is a personal finance blog I created that was strictly Canadian and shared ideas on budgeting, earning more money, investing, and saving money in Canada.

I am the owner of GroceryAlerts.ca, and I have my Honours Bachelor of Commerce, and my Graduate Certificate in Project Management.

CanadianPersonalFinance.com will discuss my personal strategies and showcase other Canadians. I will always disclose my personal investments in my personal TFSA and RRSP.

I believe many Canadians would like to be more savvy when it comes to personal finance and I want to create a blog that will show you how to bring less stress about finance to your life.

All the best,

Steven Zussino

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Canadian personal finance website in simple terms from a Canadian perspective. Focusing on savings, investing, budgeting, taxes, and more. Includes Investing, Loans, RRSP, RESP, Credit Cards, Money Savings, Tax Savings, Retirement, Real Estate.