About Canadian Personal Finance

CanadianPersonalFinance.com is a personal finance blog I created that was strictly Canadian and shared ideas on budgeting, earning more money, investing, and saving money in Canada.

I am the owner of GroceryAlerts.ca, and I have my Honours Bachelor of Commerce, and my Graduate Certificate in Project Management.

CanadianPersonalFinance.com will discuss my personal strategies and showcase other Canadians. I will always disclose my personal investments in my personal TFSA and RRSP.

I believe many Canadians would like to be more savvy when it comes to personal finance and I want to create a blog that will show you how to bring less stress about finance to your life.

All the best,

Steven Zussino

2 thoughts on “About Canadian Personal Finance”

  1. Hi,

    My name is Jenifer. I came across your website ( canadianpersonalfinance.com ) today and I wanted to develop a close bonding. I’m interested in submitting a Contributor post with you.

    Would you please share your views in this regard? We want to start asap.

    Looking forward for your positive response!

  2. Wow! Your blog really seems to be a genuine one. I have gone through all your posts and I`m highly inspired by your blog. I can`t resist myself from following your blog.  Keep it up, buddy. 

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Canadian personal finance website in simple terms from a Canadian perspective. Focusing on savings, investing, budgeting, taxes, and more. Includes Investing, Loans, RRSP, RESP, Credit Cards, Money Savings, Tax Savings, Retirement, Real Estate.