Am I a bad Canadian for not supporting RIM?

Canada Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love to travel but it gives me great pleasure to always return to Canada.

RIM (Research in Motion) produced some UGLY numbers:

[quote]Expecting a loss of seven cents per share—already a steep fall from last year when the Waterloo-based BlackBerry maker posted earnings of $1.33 per share—RIM actually posted an adjusted loss of 37 cents per share.[/quote]

The mayor of Waterloo,  said “every single Canadian” should be looking for ways to support Research In Motion.

According to new data from Toronto analytics firm Solutions Research, just 12% of Canadians under 24 plan to make a BlackBerry their next smartphone.

That number was more than 30% just one year ago, signalling a shockingly rapid shift in how youth perceive RIM’s devices.

On a personal note, I have owned RIM in the past and did well with this stock. I sold it at various times and it is unfortunate that this large company is not doing as well as it did in previous years.

I don’t think the answer is solely to support Canadian companies always.

Personally, I don’t know anyone that owns a Blackberry anymore (that is not using it for work).

 Does not buying a blackberry make me a bad canadian? (Disclosure: I have an iPad 2).

One thought on “Am I a bad Canadian for not supporting RIM?”

  1. That’s a pretty silly line by the Waterloo mayor. He is just concerned about his town. I don’t think people should feel obligated to support an inferior product just because it’s Canadian. Their poor performance is their own fault for not evolving enough and sticking with the same basic phone design rather than follow the trends.

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