Beware of some daily deals – Groupon Fake Advertising

I used to receive the daily emails from Groupon. The main reason I unsubscribed was that some of the deals were getting worse and worse.

Here is an example of a deal posted this morning.


Up to 54% Off Paddleboard Rentals in Sooke

Excelling at watersports, like aging gracefully or enjoying dried fruit, requires acceptance of pruney fingers. Outfit yourself for aqua play with this Groupon.


This sounds like an incredible deal. Too bad we don’t have water like that and women generally wouldn’t wear a bikini to go paddleboarding (it would be a wetsuit because of the freezing temperatures in the ocean).

Here is what the area actually looks like:

To further prove my point, here is a YouTube video that shows someone wearing jeans and a jacket while paddleboarding.

Now, don’t get me wrong I think the area is lovely but Groupon please don’t put any more false advertising in your images.

Consumers are not that stupid!

6 thoughts on “Beware of some daily deals – Groupon Fake Advertising”

  1. lol I don’t blame them for choosing the sexy bikini girls over the chick in the jeans & jacket. I’d much rather go paddle boarding with them.

    1. Keep dreaming! I don’t think you will see them there unless you bring them with you. It is cold out there!

  2. Steve, I take it from this article you have never paddle boarded. I think the picture more shows the general sport and where it came from. Me personally I first paddleboarded in Hawaii where yes they do wear those bikinis and the water is warm. I love the sport a lot and now do it in Winnipeg Canada with a wet suite. So to me the picture just grabs my attention (because honestly if i saw the image in your post of the women in jeans i wouldnt even look at it) but I would never purchase of a picture instead I would use the info below the picture to make my decision and also a little common sense. So all in all the deal for 54% off paddleboards is pretty awesome and I do not agree with your article about Groupon and about false advertising.

    1. Thanks for your comment but the point of my post is to show true advertising.

      The fact that the water or scenery doesn’t match the experience is what I trying to show.

  3. BTW you don’t really ever go in the water in paddleboarding as you see in the picture you just stand up and the wet suite is just precaution.

  4. I think daily deal sites generally do a great job with their advertising and of course they are going to use sexy women to try and sell an offer. It sells!
    I agree with Fresh Just In, I have seen plenty of women wearing bikinis while Paddle Boarding!

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