Canadian stock has increased their dividends the most over past 10 years

Rob Carrick, Personal Finance Columnist at The Globe and Mail, on his Facebook page, listed a chart yesterday that showed the top 20 TSX-listed stocks that have increased their dividends the most over the past 10 years.

It was surprising to me which company was #1.

Shaw Cable

It is a stock I do not own but have contemplated purchasing the past few years.

Its current dividend yield is 4.78 which is nice and about average amongst other Canadian communications companies.

One of the reasons I like Shaw is that they provide broadband cable television, Internet, Digital Phone, telecommunications services (through Shaw Business Solutions), satellite direct-to-home services (through Shaw Direct) and programming content (through Shaw Media). They seem to be all sorts of different businesses and even if Canadians turn off cable, their essential need for Internet makes this a secure company.

This company is on a collision course with Telus so it will be interesting who wins the cable war.

Here is a summary of the other top dividend growth stocks:

Some of the stocks on this list that I have considered purchasing include Empire (owns Metro and Empire Theatres) and I have previously owned Potash (bought and sold frequently).

Do you own any of these stocks? 

4 thoughts on “Canadian stock has increased their dividends the most over past 10 years”

  1. Nice list.

    I own SJR.B and a small position in Mullen, just starting with that one.

    I have definitely considered owning Empire. My wife loves Sobey’s and shopping there. Good enough for me 🙂

    1. I have looked at Sobeys and another great thing is that they will be supplying Target all their food.

  2. Good article but the advertisements on the right hand side obscured the last column! frustrating

    1. John,

      I have added a link to the image (so it expands when selected).

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