Canadian Personal Finance Happy Hour – 10th edition – What to buy?

Be careful what you ask for you might get it! (the heat finally arrived this week with temperatures around 30C (which is a heatwave for most of us in BC – even though I grew up in Ontario).

We sold our shares in APPL, Apple (disclosure my wife owned this stock) but I am currently looking at MCD (McDonalds) for her TFSA (great dividend yield at 3.2% currently and the payout ratio from earnings is around 50% and I love the long-term growth prospects).

In 2012, 32% of McDonald’s revenue comes from North America, 40% comes from Europe, and 28% comes from elsewhere. I like that it is balanced (don’t rely too heavily on one region) and they are a global corporation. The company has increased annual dividends every year since the mid 1970s.

A major risk I see is legislation or political pressure. Many of the company’s food materials supplied by farmers are directly or indirectly federally subsidized. In addition, food items targeted for potentially contributing to national health problems could face taxes, bans. With McDonald’s visibility, they tend to face a considerable portion of criticism.

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    Sounds like Ontario & BC changed spots – we’re getting the temperatures that you usually have around mid 20s, and you’re in a heatwave. Thanks again, I hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for including my post Steve. McDonalds is an interesting investment. They do have a long history of substantial success, but I do wonder how they will evolve with the increased awareness of health issues. I’m sure they could transition into a healthier menu easy enough, but I don’t see it being as profitable.

  3. Thanks for including my post! I own McDonalds stocks, but I bought when it was $97 per share. I need everyone to go buy some coffee and spicy chicken, and get that price back up! “)

  4. Bad renters are such a pain. Have you looked into the landlord protection agency? You really have to make sure you search for a rental credit report.

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