Finding the Best CFD Trading Platforms

The Forex market is one of the most liquid and fluid trading markets out there. With more volume than either stocks or commodities, and with leverage allowing for the control of large amounts of currency the opportunities for massive gains because of even the smallest market movements is really hard to ignore. In many ways the Forex is seen as the Wild West of trading since there are so many opportunities and such an open and constantly moving market to take advantage of.


One of the opportunities is to trade with CFD. The only thing you need to start trading though is a reliable platform. But, how do you choose one among so many different CFD trading platforms online?

What Do Great CFD Trading Platforms Have?

The first thing to look for when narrowing down the list of your top CFD trading platforms is to make sure every platform you are considering meets a basic set of standards. The first is all too often overlooked, but what operating system do you use on your trading computer? Some CFD trading software works great on every single program while there are different reviews that will point out one platform really shines on Mac while others are specifically Linux based, and others work or have problems on Windows, and so on and so forth.

Make sure the trading platforms you’re looking at actually work on the system you use. A good idea is to look for a program that runs on Java and thus goes directly with an Internet connection. Because of that, those types of programs tend to work better on any system as long as it has a high quality Internet connection (a must for any CFD trader).

Ask yourself these questions:

– Is the software free?

– Can you record trades on the charts to test out new trading strategies?

– Can you trade directly from the moving price charts, or do you have to go to another screen to do this?

– What brokers can you work with using this software?

If you can find a platform that gives you good answers to these questions then you are on your way.

What Names Keep Coming Up on Top?

Finding a completely unbiased review on brokers and the preferred CFD trading platforms of note can be difficult since so many companies with good websites have “skin in the game,” so to speak, but there are some names that come up quite often such as:

– XTrade


– MBT Web & MBT MAC (depends on your operating system)

– IG Spread Betting (best for UK users)

– OANDA trade platforms

These names come up a lot in discussions of great platforms, although the list of the top current trading platforms can change a lot from year to year, and deciding on a broker first is a solid decision to make before going on to get a great connecting platform.

In Conclusion

It’s easy to understand why a trader would want to find best available CFD trading platforms. The better the platform, the better the results, right? However there are many different trading platforms out there, and finding one that counts as “the best” can be challenging since each person is going to have a different home monitor setup, a different preference when it comes to trading charts, and because of that what’s perfect for one trader might not be the best available option for another.