Online Cloud backup Dropbox

Over 100 GB of free backup online storage for Canadians

As a web developer, I have thousands of files (and photos) and making sure I have adequate backups is important.

Online Cloud backup Dropbox

I will sound like a dinosaur but I remember my first PC with 40 MB of hard drive space.

Lots of free online storage is available for FREE these days.

Basically, these services can hold another folder on your computer, and appears just like any other folder on your computer. However, any files you store in this folder are automatically synchronized with any other computer or device. Any changes, additions, deletions to files are synchronised too. You can also sync with your Mac, and mobile apps and devices.

Here are several free cloud options for Canadians:

Dropbox: (2 GB free + additional special promotions – i.e. if you are a student you can get up to 8 GB). You do have to install a small program on your machine to run DropBox. Besides setting up a folder on your machine, which automatically syncs with DropBox, you can also set DropBox up to then sync that folder with other machines. DropBox lets you upload any type of file, as long as it is smaller than 350MB. (50 GB free if you download and install the Android App on any Android device before March 23, 2012. Details here.). It integrates with other online services, including Gmail, Zoho and Scribd.

SugarSync: (5 GB free) For every friend you refer to SugarSync, they’ll give you both 500 MB of bonus space. This is the service I use to sync files on my laptop with my wife’s Mac. I also have another account for backups.

Amazon Cloud Drive: (5 GB free) Web access only.

Microsoft SkyDrive: (25 GB free) (Requires use of Hotmail or account by default.)

Pogoplug Cloud: (5 GB free).

SpiderOak: (2 GB free).

Adrive: Registered ADrive users will have at least 50GB of online storage for free.

ZumoDrive: (2 GB free).

Uses of Free Online Cloud Storage

Some of the cool things you can do outside of just backups:

  1. Collaborate on Projects.
  2.  Share and transfer large files such as audio and presentations, across the globe.
  3. Access files on IPhone and iPad.
  4. Share photos with family.
  5. Versioning (I create versions of documents).

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