GOOG vs MSFT stock analysis – Google Now Valued Higher Than Microsoft

Did you know that as of today – Google will — for the first time — be valued higher than Microsoft.

Google’s stock closed Monday at $761.78 per share, then dropped 68 cents per share in after-hours trading. That gave Google a market cap of a little more than $249 billion.

Microsoft’s stock closed Monday at $29.49 per share and then gained a penny per share after hours. Microsoft’s market cap currently sits at a little more than $247 billion.

I currently like both stocks for the long-term – they both dominate certain sectors (search, software). Microsoft has so many areas that they compete in: operating system, consumer gaming, business (SQL server and Sharepoint), and networking that they are no longer growing (evidence of attrition of jobs the last few years). Google is growing and getting into areas that the Stanford grads never thought of when they first started (Yahoo! or Altavista could have acquired this company in the beginning for pennies based on current market cap).

What do you think? Microsoft or Google if you had to invest some money?