Guide to cancelling your Rogers cell phone service

My wife and I decided recently to eliminate our cell phones and use one service for our telecommunication needs.

[quote]We were sick of paying fees and were more of a nuisance than a convenience.[/quote]

This is a guide that shows you what you should look at when cancelling your Rogers cell phone.

Rogers Early Cancellation Fee

According to Rogers, this is there current cancellation policy.


* Applicable to all plans: Local airtime usage, data usage and/or text messages over that allotted in the plan, long distance and roaming charges, additional wireless service options selected and applicable taxes are extra and are also billed monthly. An Early Cancellation Fee (ECF) applies if, for any reason, your service is terminated prior to the end of the service agreement. The ECF is the greater of (ii) $100 or (iii) $20 per month remaining in the service agreement, to a maximum of $400 (plus applicable taxes), and applies on each line in the plan that is terminated.


My wife had to pay a fee of $100 which is what applied based on when her current contract would end. This is understandable based on the contract and their policy.

She paid her final month and early cancellation fee and then Rogers sent her this final invoice. Look at the invoice closely.

[highlight]If you received this invoice, what would you pay? $0.00 or $144.20?[/highlight]

When she called Rogers and had the headset on speakerphone, the agent told us that her balance was $0.00 but he was happy to accept a payment of $144.20.

She explained that why would she pay this if she had no balance. The agent stuck to their original statement that they will accept the money.

This was just one example of how cell phone companies can take advantage of people with that pay invoices with zombie accounting (new term I made where people pay any invoice without looking at it closely).

If you just got into a cell phone contract and want to leave the contract, you can use Buyer Remorse. It applies to all contracts with the exception of house sale contracts, and contracts that state otherwise. This gives a person 14 days to get out of any contract they enter into.

[box type=”tick”]My advice is to always look at your invoices and never pay any invoice without a closer look.[/box]


Disclosure: My wife owns shares in Rogers Communications (RCI.T)

6 thoughts on “Guide to cancelling your Rogers cell phone service”

  1. Interesting, I have similar experience. i received a bill thats $403 thats due Jan 19th, and I cancelled, when I called in the agent said oh its correct, I said no way for one month service alone can it be that much if there is no cancellation fee. Since am cancelling within the 30 days. i asked for a manager, who said she can see there is credits pending, but she can’t see what and I should not pay it and call back in on Jan 11th to get more details. So am waiting to see what will happen then.

    1. I have never been so confused when dealing with a company.

      I can see Rogers making a lot of money on extra fees.

  2. I just learned yesterday that Rogers charges $25 to have your phone number changed if you go to one of their stores to have it done. If you do it through Customer Service, it’s free. Luckily, I had a really honest employee when I asked to change my number (having recently moved) & she pushed me to go the free route.

  3. I find this very upsetting. How can the total be $144? If this is a statement of account/bill and the balance owing is $0 how can they even be allowed to put this amount under the total?
    I would have called Rogers like your wife did, and hoped to get an honest person to speak with. I’ve had questions with Rogers before and think their billing software doesn’t seem to address credits properly.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. I do not get, I have 3 months on my plan, Do I have to pay the $100 or $60 (3 X 20) and when I looked into it the balance on the phone was $14.95. I’ve been screw by Rogers ever since I signed up 3 yrs ago

  5. Well folks this may top all so far. I ordered a new Blackberry Classic phone from rogers and paid on Visa. But on my next bill I find that they have put the full purchase price on my rogers account for payment next bill. So in the mean time the phone does not work as sold as WI Fi could not be setup. So put all back in shipping box with return label as told. Well after over 7 days the credit did appear on visa but the amount still shows on my $800.00 monthly rogers bill which is $600.00 over normal. After many hours on phone/ chat line/ on hold most of that and promise from two agents it has not been fixed. Two weeks later still not fixed after 30 yrs as a customer I will say good bye to rogers. Canadian Company EH !!!! Too bad.

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