Have you ever seen a frugal celebrity?

Actress and celebrity Zooey Deschanel has a net worth in the millions and has just filed for divorce from her hubby of 2 years — Ben Gibbard, the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie.

This is not finance news but her lawyer showed how she manages her personal finance for the divorce and it was startling.

She earns an average of $95,000 a month. Her expenses average $22,550 per month.

[box type=”tick”]This means she saves 76% of her income![/box]

She also has 3 credit cards (American Express, Visa and Mastercard), all with a $0 balance.

She has $1,578,000 in the bank and an additional $1,645,000 in stocks, bonds, etc.

It was impressive to see a celebrity not spend over their means.

6 thoughts on “Have you ever seen a frugal celebrity?”

    1. That is a nice sum of money to make easy month but I agree with you that we would probably save 90K. I think she is doing well with all the temptation of money and it is so easy to spend it in her line of work.

  1. She is one of my favorite actresses. Many because she is so cute in both the physical sense and her personality.

    I couldn’t imagine making almost $100,000 a month! wow very nice 🙂

    1. $100 K is a lot for 1 person to spend (I am sure I would not have problems spending it!)

    1. @Paula

      I agree – I am not sure if she actually budgets but you can see that her fixed expenses seem relatively low for her payscale (i.e. no $20K mortgage payment).

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