Have you seen Canada’s new plastic $20 bills?

Many Canadians will get their first look at the new plastic bills as the prevalent $20 goes into circulation. Polymer bills were introduced last year, first with the $100, then the $50 in March. But to anyone who doesn’t regularly carry 50s or 100s on them, the bills of the future were just a fable. Until now.

The new look wasn’t welcomed by everyone. The $20 bill was surveyed by focus groups across the country before it was approved, and many participants drew some less-than-flattering conclusions about the note.

The note features a view of the Canadian National Vimy Memorial on its back.

The bill will be formally introduced in a ceremony at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa by Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Veterans Affairs Minister Steven Blaney.

The $20 is the country’s mostly widely used bank note.

I am looking forward to using this new currency – still haven’t seen the $100 polymer bills in circulation. 

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