How much is your collection worth?

When I was younger in my teens, I collected hockey and basketball cards. Looking back I wish I had future Steve tell the young Steve to save his money and buy some real investments like a stock!

Did you hear about the video game collector from France that sold a complete set of video games for $1.2 million on eBay in July 2012.

The collection includes factory-sealed copies of every game for many of Nintendo’s consoles, every game for all the Sega consoles and every game for the lesser-known NEC consoles, which featured the first 16-bit video game system, known as The PC Engine in Japan and The TurboGrafx-16 in the U.S. They also released the first CD-based console in the world – TurboGrafx-CD. In total, that’s 22 sets with about 7,000 video games.
The man known as Andre made it his mission to collect every game for all of these systems and decided to up the challenge by only going for copies that were right off the factory line. “I perfected some full sets by getting every title of them factory sealed, just for the challenge of it,” he said in an email to the LA Times. “Some titles are extremely hard to come by brand new when they’re 25 years old. Now that the mission is complete, maybe it’s time to move on.”

What do you value your collections at?

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    1. I spent hundreds on my hockey cards – for what so I can have a Valeri Bure rookie card?

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