How much would you pay for unlimited first-class travel in Canada?

I read the most interesting story today on LA Times.

It is about frequent-flyers that purchased unlimited first-class travel tickets from profitable American Airlines in the 80s and 90s. They even had a perk to take a companion for a low cost as well.

They basically purchased their tickets for what the company thought was a lot of money back then but the buyers have travelled so much that the company is losing too much money.

[highlight]Each holder was costing costing American more than $1 million a year.[/highlight]

If Air Canada or Westjet had this I would purchase it (if it was a reasonable price) – it would be fun just travelling first class.

If you haven’t travelled first class before you do not know what you are missing.¬†

For a period of a year I was an Alaska Airlines MVP (meaning I was bumped to first-class when their were seats available and no one wanted to pay).

I have also travelled first class with Air Canada and I loved it! My wife and I didn’t want to leave the plane.

So before any Canadians want to bash our national airlines, trust me the ones in the US aren’t that much better.

It is a tough industry and I have no clue why anyone would buy any airline company stock!

One thought on “How much would you pay for unlimited first-class travel in Canada?”

  1. That would be pretty cool to have, but I probably wouldn’t be willing to pay much money for it. How cool would it be to be able to just jump on a plane anytime for a weekend away from home. I’ve never flown first class, but it sure seems way better than getting crammed like sardines into economy class and having to pay extra for any kind of perks.

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