How SEO strategies can help financial advisors attract the potential customers through Google Search

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comprises of a variety of things that are carried out to place a website at the top pages of a search result. SEO aims to increase the number and quality of visitors to a specific website. Most of the financial advisors are still unaware that how and where to begin. Fortunately, several tools are available to help advisors benefit from SEO and attract the right customers.

Why SEO is important for financial advisors?

Search marketing is different from traditional advertising as here a financial advisors are not promoting a message to somebody who might/might not be intended in their services. Rather, they are giving a solution for an involuntarily desired and clearly revealed need.  Survey has found that thousands of searches take place each month in the US for terms linked with “financial advisor near me”. This figure is just a portion of the volume as several other variants also exist, such as “investment advisor near me” and “financial planner near me”. Besides volume, competition is also there to rank a website on the top pages of a specific search result. No doubt, less competition requires less expense and effort to rank. And here it’s important to state that there is little rivalry for terms related to financial advisors and most of the financial advisors do not adopt SEO strategies. Thus, there is a great opportunity for a financial advisor to grow their clientage by implementing as SEO strategy.

Majority of financial advisors don’t have SEO knowhow and the skills to manage their website. So, they prefer purchasing leads from 3rd party services. Some advisors also send time on simple SEO strategies for generating their own leads. In both these situations, leads who visit advisor’s website expects hearing from that advisor. Good news is SEO is not that complex and financial advisors can easily generate their leads by understanding a few main SEO concepts.

Ways to apply an effective SEO strategy

Before understanding SEO implementation, it’s important to learn more about SEO in Toronto, how and what search engine (like Google) do. The key business of a search engine is to produce the most appropriate, high-quality result for a specific search. It is accomplished by search algorithms. Google gained popularity because of its first algorithm “Page Ranks”. Which is still the main algorithm together with some other algorithms. All these algorithms examine more than 200 data points for determining the rank of a website among its competitors. So, SEO is about comprehending the standard by which Google ranks websites and pages. Therefore, financial advisors must adopt those SEO strategies that can fulfill that standard.

SEO mainly revolves around “key phrases” or “keyword” that are being searched by the users in the search box. So, advisors need to match their website content with these keywords. Secondly, it is important to categorize SEO practices. Following are its key categories.

  • On-page SEO: involves optimization of a website so that it can rank higher in search result.
  • Off-page SEO: involves a these strategies that makes a website better than other sites.
  • General SEO: involves searches that capture international or national audience.
  • Local SEO: targets local geographical audience.

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