How To Earn Extra Money with a Residential House Cleaning Service

Most families would love extra money in their pocket.

Here is a business anyone can start that with very little money up-front. With a bucket of cleaning supplies and some rags you have an instant business.

You do not need much more than a vacuum, dust pan and broom. You can even rent equipment like a carpet or blind cleaner to save money.

How much can I make cleaning houses?

I would recommend charging between $20-$25 per hour at the minimum. It depends on where you live but I find this rate guarantees you some customers. You can always raise your prices if you find you are too busy.

How to advertise?

With the Internet, it is easy to start to a business and start marketing. Create a small Facebook ad that targets your geographical area to your clientele (busy people that don’t want to or have time to clean).

Use flyers to advertise on some community bulletin boards.

Create a low-cost website that shows your services and what you offer.


One thought on “How To Earn Extra Money with a Residential House Cleaning Service”

  1. This is good advice but its not always easy to have repeat clientele and you need good references when you start.
    Or alternatively you can work for a reputable company such as us and earn a decent living and we train many women on good cleaning methods.


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