How to find discount ski tickets

Skiing is an amazing winter sport. It is also very expensive (equipment, rentals, transportation, lodging, lift tickets).

Here are some tips to save you money skiing.

Some ways to save you some money when skiing this winter:

1. Discount Websites.

Have you heard of websites like or They offer discounted rates from 15 to 80 percent off, depending on the ski resort and time of year.

2. Buy early in the season.

The early bird gets the worm. If you avoid paying the day of skiing at the ticket window, you will save some money. Many resorts have advanced ticket pricing that will save you valuable dollars.

3. Ski mid-week.

Most resorts drop their fares starting in the middle of the week.  Try to ski at non-peak times.

4. Buy your lift tickets at Costco or a pack of tickets at a local supermarket.

Most ski-hills have affiliations with either Costco to sell lift tickets at a discount or with a supermarket to sell a pack of 6 or 10 lift tickets and save 15%.