How to Get a Month Ahead on Little Income

We know trying to get ahead when you do not make a ton of money can be difficult each month. You want to save, but also want to have money to do what you want to do. What are the steps that you can take to live the life you want?

Here are four steps you can take that will get you ahead on your monthly bills, and offer you some savings in the meantime.

  1. Take account and budget

One of the best ways to getting a month ahead on little income is to create a budget that you can actually stick to. Take an accounting of all of your monthly bills that need to be paid. Rent or mortgage, credit cards, cell phone, utilities, and any other bills you get on a monthly basis. Determine how much all of this costs.

As a tip for getting ahead, you will want to take a close look at all of these bills. Is there anything you can cut? Is there anything you can get reduced or switch to a cheaper option? There are a lot of competitors out there for various industries. Make sure you are getting exactly what you need, and not more. No one wants to pay for what they do not use!

Once you have this solid number of bills, you will want to subtract that number from your net income. The rest is what you have to work with on a monthly basis. From there, you can determine your budget.

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  1. The biggest money percentage

Did you know, besides rent and mortgages, your food budget is usually your biggest expense for the month? Going out to eat, even fast food counters; add up to more than going food shopping every week. The key here is to plan. If you can plan every meal, even do all of your cooking on Sunday if possible, then you can save money and get ahead. Cooking together as a family is fun, there is no need to spend money on restaurants.

The rest of your budget can go towards other household items needed, like paper towels and laundry detergent. But look for other options as well. There are many recipes for cleaners that are cheaper to make than the pre-bottles stuff, and just as if not more effective.

  1. You can still have fun

There is a way to plan into your budget a night out once a month since going out all the time takes away the special feeling off it. Plan a great weekend night out and set a budget for it at the beginning of the month. Also look into free events, live flea markets and museums that can be a great time without spending a lot of money.

  1. Individual investor programme benefits

Employing these tips here can help you get ahead on your monthly bills, but you will want to create savings as well. Avoid the costs of commissions by investing in an individual investor programme. These individual investor programme benefits can help you get ahead with your investing, and save you money for the long term. These programmes offer benefits including unbiased, actionable investment education. With these types of programmes, you will learn how to invest your individual assets, whether your goal is retirement, choosing winning stocks, or finding the best mutual funds, the benefits of these types of programmes is endless.

You do not want to pay for someone else to do the work you can do yourself. You make the decisions about investing your hard earned money with individual investor programme benefits.


If you want to get ahead on your monthly bills with little income, just follow these tips to start, and figure out a budget that is right for you. With your saved money, invest it to earn more, but do so in a way where you get the most benefit out of it with individual investor programme benefits.

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