How to save money with Tankless Water Heaters

You may have noticed that when you are the last person in your household to shower you are suddenly surprised midway through with cold water. Or sometimes, when you go to use the hot water, even just a little bit hot, you scald yourself. Most likely, you can chalk these occurrences up to traditional water heaters. But now, many people are calling on professional plumbers to install tankless hot water heaters because they can maintain a constant temperature and save your household money.

How do tankless water heaters work?

Tankless water heaters are electric and are small. Most of them are hung right alongside your home and are then preset to reach a certain temperature. When the hot water faucet is turned on, a device in the tankless water heater is activated, heating water instantaneously. The water is heated only when being used. There is no “standby” water like what is found with a traditional water heater. Storing water can be quite costly because the tank uses energy to heat and reheat water during the day and night, even when
the water is not being used.

Adding a bit more to your wallet

Because, as previously mentioned, tankless water heaters do not need to reheat water continually, you will start seeing a decrease in your monthly electric bills. While traditional water tanks need to cycle off and on, even when no one is home, this takes up lots of energy. As well, because a traditional water heater works to ensure warm water is available throughout the whole day, it can actually overheat water, causing water to be near boiling temperatures. These tanks will add colder water when the hot water
faucet is turned on to ensure a comfortable water temperature. This not only costs you money, but it also is not very good for the environment.

Other great benefits of installing tankless water heaters in your home

While tankless water heaters will save you anywhere between 20 and 50 percent on utility bills, they also come with a host of other benefits as well.

Here are five of the biggest ones:

1) Unlike traditional water tanks that take up loads of space, tankless water heaters are much smaller and
save on space.

2) Tankless water heaters tend to come with a lifetime warranty because, unlike traditional heaters, they
will not give up over time.

3) Because tankless water heaters are not able to store lots of water, they do not seep and leak.

4) Tankless water heaters are way more environmentally friendly because of reduced energy and water

5) When traditional water heaters let water sit for a long time, it can become a breeding ground for
bacteria; because there are no water storage containers with tankless water heaters, this is not a concern.

If you are looking to get rid of the chore of relighting the pilot light every so often and you want to start saving on your utility bills rather than spending more, talk to your local plumber about getting rid of your traditional hot water heater and installing a tankless water heater instead. The comfort as well as benefits they provide is great for any household.

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