Is Video Gaming is Good for You? Benefits of Gaming (Infographic)

How many of us play video games?

It is startling the numbers of video game players across Canada.

In my younger years I owned an XBOX, and a Playstation2.

I usually don’t see much value in video games but this infographic shares great things video games are responsible for.

The takeaway I received is that games (not just video games) produce skills that other activities do not provide.

Source: Frugal Dad

One thought on “Is Video Gaming is Good for You? Benefits of Gaming (Infographic)”

  1. Very interesting stats. It makes sense that video games would help keep the mind sharp. You are putting it through much more mental exercise compared to something like watching tv.

    The stat that jumped out at me is the surgeons. With a difference like that, maybe they should be making all surgeons play video games. That’s a huge drop in error frequency.

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