Looking for More Clients? Here are Surefire tactics You Should Follow

Running a consultancy business or working as an independent consultant can be intimidating initially, but there’s certainly no looking back for you once you discover the key to acquiring more clients. Like every other service-based business, your consultancy venture requires unvarying clientele growth and servicing to persevere in the competitive landscape.

Know WHO your clients are

But before you market yourself or dream up high revenues or consider critical factors like consultant insurance, there’s one fundamental question that you need to answer- WHO should you be approaching?

Getting your fingers on the pulse of your clients is the first step you should be taking towards expanding your consultancy business. You have to focus on their location, industry, pain points, challenges, desires, and frustrations to target your messaging in an impactful manner.

Once you know who your ideal clients are, it’s time to find them in the right place at the right time. Here are a few tactics that can expand your client-base:

Personal letters always work

Personal letters are evergreen communication tools. They have always forged an emotional bridge between the writer and the reader. Some smart consultants swear by it even in today’s digitized world. Whenever somebody takes time out to write a personal note, it strikes a chord. It shows how genuinely interested you are in the client. You can even send a gift, a magazine article or something interesting along with the letter to leave a positive impression on your prospects.

Focus on your resourcefulness

As a consultant, you have to bring quite a few qualities and skills to the table, the most important of all being resourcefulness and problem-solving. Your potential clients are those people who are facing complex problems. You have to be capable of understanding their challenges and coming up with a practical solution. Some resource tools like PDF files, e-books, newsletters, and whitepapers are also good ways of drawing the attention of your potential clients.

Join their community

The success of client-acquisition strategies for consultants depends largely on the kind of relationship they build with their prospective clients. The deeper you get to know your client, the better it is. For that, you need to know where they spend their time, and what interests them. Consider going for industry parties and events or volunteering on committees and boards to share your expertise. This will give you more exposure to the real business world and expand your knowledge in the process.

Go social

There’s no doubt that Facebook is the most extensive social network today. But the platform is not just about entertainment or sharing your special moments. It’s also a vast marketplace where businesses connect with consumers and other businesses. Not to forget Instagram, which is perhaps the best medium to express your story. You should leverage it to build a wide clientele and legacy. At the same time, it shows your honesty and vision by pairing texts and visuals that pulls clients towards you.

Use videos or podcasts

Something similar on social lines, you can create a top-quality YouTube channel, Facebook live series, webinar or podcast show on subjects that you are an expert in. The content you create should be relevant to your target clientele. Consider inviting your prospects to be a guest at your show. Doing so will not only gain visibility but also build credibility and relationships. These marketing tools are excellent ways to identify problems of clients and offer useful solutions.

Show how you have solved problems in the past

Most of you may not know, but your past flaws can get you the attention of clients. Surprised? When organizations hire consultants, they value those who are empathetic. Empathy will only come when you put yourself in their shoes. Show them that you have “been there” and have come out of it successfully. When you talk about flaws you once had, your clients see themselves in you and connect with you instantly. Give them your most in-depth insight into your problem-solving tactics and make them realize that you are the silver lining.

Approach your satisfied clients

Last but not least, seek for referrals from clients you have worked with before. Most businesses are skeptical about hiring consultants who they don’t know. This is what can make it difficult for independent consultants to build a clientele. But when they get references of consultants from somebody they know; the tables turn in your favor. Getting satisfied clients to refer you build the credibility of your business instantly. You should consider creating an online referral program and get people talking about your services.

These tactics are what you need to follow for expanding your clientele and taking your consultancy business a notch higher.