Make it cheaper by comparing and saving

My goal is to is to cut back on all my utilities and save money on bills. After all who wants to spend their hard earned money on electricity and gas bills. This is certainly not a new concept to me or anyone looking to cut their budget. It would be nice if someone could actually do the work for me, shop around and find better rates.

make it cheaperMake It Cheaper is a website dedicated to helping Australian business and household save money on their their electricity and gas bills. It is Australia’s leading energy comparison website, committed to finding you the most competitive electricity and gas deal possible. They even guarantee you’ll save you money when you switch with Make It Cheaper. Do you know where this can be done with cell phones in Canada?

They’ll compare your current energy rates with their network of energy suppliers to help find a better deal.

They offer FREE quotes and no hidden costs. It takes only minutes to find the best deal.They do this by negotiating competitive deals with a network of retailers to ensure customers can access competitive deals. It’s a service that offers a saving solution for a business or consumers electricity, gas, fixed line, broadband and mobile phone bills.

Their goal is to empower Australians to make better decisions about their bills, helping both businesses and households secure the best deal that fits their needs.

So why is Make It Cheaper different and do they stand out?

Because Make It Cheaper offers  guarantee of savings as well as a Market Monitoring service. This is a service that allows customers save money when they switch over to Make It Cheaper they also will not get rolled onto uncompetitive rates at the end of their contract term.

My questions is why isn’t anyone doing this in Canada? This would certainly be a great service! Gotta love those Ozzies, they know more than just about rugby after all.