My Ultimate Travel Tip to Save Money – House Swap!

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Here is a photo of my wife and I on honeymoon!


My tip is to avoid hotels and try house swaps.

I have done 3 house swaps to save money on hotels and eating out while traveling and they were all amazing experiences.

We live in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island and my wife and I had a great experience spending time with different people.

The first house swap was in Albuquerque New Mexico for the famous Hot Air Balloon festival. We stayed in a couple’s annex or extension to the house and it had a gorgeous soaker tub, king-sized bed and kitchen that enabled us to save money. This is the most memorable because this is where I proposed.

We did another house swap to another island in BC (Saltspring Island) where accommodation also would have been expensive due to a supply demand problem in the summer.

Finally, last summer we did a house swap with a couple in Long Beach, WA that had a gorgeous vacation home on the ocean with bikes and a king-sized bed. We do not have a television so it was a nice treat to see 2 50″ HDTVs and a lovely kitchen to prepare our fresh seafood.


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Do you have any travel tips? 

BTW, if any of my readers would be interested in spending a few days in Victoria, BC? We have a great spot and we are always up for an adventure.

4 thoughts on “My Ultimate Travel Tip to Save Money – House Swap!”

  1. Sounds like you’ve had some great experiences with those house swaps and saved a lot of money. I’ve never done anything like that, partly because I don’t have a nice enough home to swap. It would be a bit weird having some strangers stay in your house while you’re away.

  2. Cool post. My wife and I are considering trying this, house swap, at some point. That would be fun.

    Nice pic of you and your wife. You look very happy.


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