Best New Innovations in Financial and Banking Technology

Have you heard of Finovate?



Finovate is a series of unique conferences that showcases the best new innovations in financial and banking technology via short, fast-paced demos (no slides allowed) and high-quality networking.



I heard about this from personal finance blogger, Ben Popken.

Here are  some of the technologies and new companies that were unveiled:

PayNearMe – A payment service intermediary that lets people without a credit card pay their bills. If, say, your landlord signs up for it, then you’ll be able to pay your rent in cash at the 7-11.

On a personal note, I think the more services that make it easier to pay bills is probably not the best thing for some people. – A merchant review service that uses customer spending data so you can see what different psycho-eco-social demographics think of different restaurants and stores.

This sounds like a high level data mining where companies can get deep information about their consumers and how to get more money out of each group.

[box type=”info”]Are there any new Canadian made innovations coming out?[/box]