Over 6,849 years spent playing Star Wars: The Old Republic video game

Star Wars: The Old Republic, the latest MMORPG from BioWare and Electronic Arts, already has a million registered users, and they have released how many hours their users have spent playing the game.

[box]According to EA, the gamers have spent more than 60 million hours playing the game, completed 260 million quests and killed more than 3 billion non-player characters.[/box]

I am not a gamer (have not been for over 8 years), but I am baffled as to the cumulative time spent playing this fantasy game.

[highlight]This amounts to over 6849 years of gaming spent playing a video game by over 1,000,000 registered users. [/highlight]

I understand that this is entertainment, but I hope people understand how much time and energy they have invested in this entertainment.

[quote]I have never seen the Star Wars movies so I am not the best candidate to judge and I believe every person enjoys different things, and for me to disparage someone else for what they enjoy is, in my opinion, illegitimate and a waste of time.[/quote]


2 thoughts on “Over 6,849 years spent playing Star Wars: The Old Republic video game”

  1. Interesting topic for sure. Sometimes we look at all the productive things people “could” be doing, but sometimes this is a great substitute for all the unproductive things as well. Countless hours drinking, womanizing, and getting into all sorts of trouble.

    Every game I have purchased has saved me $100’s of dollars in other entertainment costs when I compare staying home on a Friday night gaming with the wife, instead of a night out drinking in Vancouver which runs $100-$200 easily.

    I think the MMO player enjoys a strong social component as well, l so it is not perceived as a solitary activity. I know many players that “play” with their friends at this time.

    I myself am not an MMO player, but have lived with them in the past.

    Ultimately, this is really a society with to much time on their hands and moderation is again the key.

  2. Johnny,

    I agree with you with the relative term “Productive time” and you bring up a great point about the social component to gaming.

    I understand how expensive nights out are and gaming is a frugal substitution for some people.


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