What not to do if you win the lottery

Many Canadians spend nights dreaming of winning the lottery only to come up short. However, there are some lucky few that are able to win a fortune or a small fortune that will turn their life around.

I also look at the lottery as a benefit for some organizations to raise money so if you look at it like a donation it is not that bad a way to spend a few extra dollars (if you have that disposable income).

Lottery winnings

A $1-2 ticket once or twice a year isn’t going to matter to your budget for the long-term.

I think that it would take strong discipline and planning to not blow all of the lottery winnings but I believe everyone has a different threshold for holding out.

I wanted to share some tips (not that I have ever won the lottery) of what not to do if you win the lottery:

  1. Do not talk to a lawyer.

According to a survey from convenience store chain Cumberland Farm, when asked who they would call first if they won the lottery, 46% said their significant others. But 10% said their first call would be to their lawyer. And that might actually be the better way to go, financial and legal experts say.

This makes sense as lottery winners are often the target of scams.

2. Tell all your friends and family.

If your province allows it try to keep this mum as long as possible as this will add undue stress to this incredible outcome.

Everyone knows that a major secret like this would travel fast these days with everyone being online and your privacy may get compromised.

There are many instances of strangers or acquantences looking for money from newly minted lottery winners.

3. Take the lump-sum payment

Many winners decide to take the lump-sum payment first without a strategy of doing the math to see which option has the best return.

According to this article on Bloomberg, you should get advice from top professionals (like a tax professional and investment professional) before making this major decision.

Ideally all the members of your team should have experience with high net-worth individuals and can provide referrals of other clients.

This teams will help you navigate your investment options and help you minimize your tax exposure.

Ultimately, a plan of action is needed before any of the winnings are spent.

4. Splurge and make some big purchases.

This is an easy trap to get into. Having access to all of this cash would be tempting (especially if you had any major wants in your life). Recently, I discovered so many exclusive items at a trade show that I never even thought most consumers would want but I was shocked to see the demand for these elusive items.

Cars and fancy trips sound wonderful but there are many major stories of lottery winners being penniless after winning the lottery.

Winning the Lottery

A great topic of conversation amongst the many that never gets dull is what to do when you win the lottery. We’ve all have talked about it in some way, many go on and continue to fantasize but few miss the important points of what to do if you win the lottery.


There are 5 key things to consider if you do master your numbers and win the lottery before starting to fantasize about how you’ll spend your pot of gold.

  1. Seek out professional investment help.
    First thing’s first, illuminating debt and education yourself on what people with money to make it grow instead of dwindle away. The key to sustaining wealth is knowing how to make money grow. There seems to be one common trait amongst many lottery winners and that’s they will return to their original financial status within 10 years. Going from Rags to riches takes more knowledge than one might of thought. Once you’re on top of your financial game and possibly even financially independent for the major, how are you going is to remain in the state.
  2. Keep this big secret the yourself.
    Now let’s get real, we all want to fly around town in our desired way of transportation, whether the latest Tesla model or even your perhaps you’re more of a road bike enthusiast, guaranteed you’ll be upgrading your wheels. There will always be people watching your financial moves regardless of your lifestyle and personal passions. Keeping your winnings to yourself should be on top of the list of what you’d do if you won the lottery. Sticking to your humble lifestyle should be the aim of your goal with freedom and lifestyle improvement. If all of a sudden your brother suspects you’ve become the lucky siblings there is no doubt he’ll be knocking on your door for a loan or regardless how long it’s been since you’ve last spoke. Keep your finance to yourself.
  3. Don’t quit your day job until you’ve lined up all your ducks in a row.
    Of course if you’re making minimum wage, you might and should be looking for an opportunity or a career change. Whether you’ve always dreamed of going back to school to study some profession or trade, thought about taking some courses to better your current degree or perhaps you need a profession but life’s never allowed you to stand still while you study. Now is the time to invest in your own personal education while still maintaining the life you dreamt about. Personal development is always helpful no matter how young or old you get. On the other hand if your career is flying and you are happy with where life is going it might not be in your best interest to pull the plug because you the CEO didn’t acknowledge you and say hi as you jumped into the elevator at 8am the following day. There is also the option of writing your business plan for the next career move if you have the confidence and experience to jump ship and opt out if your corporate job.
  4. Pay it forward.
    There is a soft spot to in all our hearts that make us emotional or tear up with the thought. Donating and supporting towards your charity is the perfect way to show gratitude for hitting the jackpot. The Children Foundation is always an attractive charity to improve the lives of children and their families faced with more difficult challenges.
  5. Celebrate!
    Every winner needs to celebrate. Grab the love of your life and book yourself a flight to the top location on your bucket list. Spend 10 days soaking up the sunshine and treat yourself to a luxury vacation trip.

Essential Secret Ways for Saving Money at Home Depot

There are various ways that you can improve your home. You might be planning to paint your home, remodel your bathroom, upgrade your appliances, or install new windows and doors – therefore you need to consider different ways of saving money during your renovations.

Home Renovation – kitchen

In this article, we will provide a few secrets to use to save money on your home renovation projects:

Get Money Back
When you are making big home purchases, you should visit places online and check whether they are offering rebates to help you to save a lot of money on upgrades and renovations. One rebate in particular to look into is the home efficiency rebate because it can help you save a lot of money on your home renovation projects and upgrades. This rebate is especially beneficial if you are upgrading your insulation, air sealing your home, replacing your water heater, furnace or boiler, or upgrading your windows or doors

Knowing Where to Find Markdowns
It is possible to find home improvement deals from various stores as long as you know where and how to spot them. At Home Depot, you will find clearance prices and item markdowns in stores. It’s smart to look actively while walking down the aisles for sales flyers and price reductions. Also, prior to shopping review flyers and online deals to be aware of upcoming sales and deals.

Don’t forget to check your price tags, to see if there is a final price markdown!

Negotiating for Better Deals & Price Matching
Have you found the same product at another online retailer for cheaper? Home Depot guarantees to beat competitor prices by 10%. You can try and talk with a sales associate to negotiate your price match, however the associate may not have the power to lower the price. You may have to ask to talk with the store manager who should be willing to negotiate a lower price with you.

Stack Your Savings
In case you need to save some of your cash for your next Home Depot run, you can purchase yourself a gift card to go towards your purchases when you are ready to spend. This will allow you to save your money on the gift card instead of spending your cash. If you visit some of the discount gift cards websites, you will generally buy the Home Depot gift card at a good discounted price.

Saving Money on Tools
There are various pieces of equipment and tools available to rent at the Home Depot. this service helps you to reduce accumulating onetime use tools, leaving you with more storage space and lower hardware bills. Tool and hardware rentals are available for services including: landscaping projects or home remodeling. Figure out if you need the hardware, tool or equipment for a one time use project or if you will need the tool or hardware for ongoing projects.

In order to make your final decision to rent or buy a tool, check the online store inventory sales against their rental rates. You can rent hardware for an hour, a day, week, month or more time.

Top Benefits from Home Energy Audit

When you have a home energy audit, it covers all the essential factors that are affecting the energy efficiency of your home. After completing an energy audit you will receive a checklist from the energy auditor, where you will be able to pinpoint improvements vital in conserving energy and also reducing the utility bills.

Green energy upgrade

For energy upgrade recommendations, they will vary from fixing small leaks and drafts to the infrastructure or upgrades like installation of high-efficiency windows, heating water with solar energy or home insulation upgrades.

It may not be essential to perform all energy upgrades depending on the amount of work you have already invested in the home. Hiring a professional energy auditor and contractor will help you ensure proper installation and prevent unnecessary energy expenses and waste. Having a home energy audit will help with these things:

  • Making your home comfortable

If you follow the recommendations of the home energy audit, then the temperatures of your home will be stable. In such a situation, there will be an increase in the indoor air quality and the energy upgrades will keep the drafts out. 

  • Finding hidden issues

With the home energy audit, you will be able to solve numerous energy efficiency issues that you didn’t know existed. In some cases, there could be minor problems like a poorly sealed window or a leaky pipe. It could be among some essential upgrades that will bring change to the strength of the property.

So, performing a professional home energy audit will be the first step of finding subtle or hidden problems that can add up to your home being less eco-friendly and less energy efficient.

  • Increasing home resale value

Energy efficient homes are more attractive especially to the new potential buyers. It will show that you have tried improving the home by making it more economical to cool and heat. And, primarily you are forward thinking in upgrading your home and ensuring it is running the most efficiently. 

  • Help in prioritizing repairs

The benefit of an audit is not only to determine what is wrong, but it is an essential tool that will help in prioritizing energy upgrades. You will, therefore, identify areas in your home where you will wisely spend your renovation money.

  • Reducing carbon footprint

Greenhouse gas emissions start in the home. If you perform an energy audit on your home, you will be able to know where you should make improvements and also help in reducing overall carbon footprint and reliance on the fossil fuels.

Reduce carbon footprint.

Conclusion You should make home energy audits part of your regular home maintenance practices. Preventive maintenance is an investment that can help you save more money in the long run. Home energy audits can vary across suppliers, so it is important to do your research and seek out professional and certified energy auditors and contractors.

Condo Lawyers about Condominiums & Cannabis Legalization

Are you a board member who wants to develop a policy that’s in full compliance with the new cannabis law? Advice from a condominium lawyer will help you understand how things stand today.

Condominiums and Cannabis Legalization

The legalization of cannabis in Canada is proving to be problematic for many condominium owners and property managers. The boards responsible for the condos as well as condominium lawyers Toronto are not always sure how to proceed if there is some sort of ban on use by condominium owners. While some have restructured old policies to comply with current laws, others still attempt to ban the use of cannabis for any reason. Whatever side of the fence you happen to be on, it pays to understand the current situation and why you might need a condo lawyer.

Across the Board Bans

As legalization came closer to reality, many boards rushed to pass bans that would prevent smoking of any type inside their buildings. This included the use of tobacco products within individual units as well as in the common areas.

One of the challenges that condo lawyers see with this type of all-inclusive ban is that it infringes on the rights of the condo owners to determine how their personal spaces are used. For example, owners who lease out their units from time to time could set their own rules about smoking in the past. Now they no longer have that right. It’s a weak point that Toronto condominium lawyers can sometimes utilize to challenge new board regulations and successfully have them overturned.

Time will tell if this approach will actually work for condominium lawyers and their clients.

Bans with Medical Exemptions

Other boards have chosen approaches that include provisions for medical but not recreational use. Under those regulations, condominium corporations would recognize the right of owners as well as guests to smoke cannabis if they have certain medical conditions. It would be necessary to provide proof that those conditions were present. Even then, use would be limited to the individual unit and not allowed in common areas.

While less problematic in terms of being in opposition to the new condominium law, there is still the question of how this squares with the recreational use of cannabis in Canada today. Is providing medical exemptions only still in violation of the right of an individual to smoke within his or her own unit? That’s an area of condo law that is likely to receive a lot of attention in the next few years. Even as condominium corporations prepare to defend this type of ban, others are preparing to defend their right to do what they want within their own living spaces.

Adopting New Policies That Recognize Recreational Use

There are property management firms as well as condominium management teams who have chosen to adopt new policies that allow for the medical and recreational use of cannabis within individual units, but not in common areas. Of all the new regulations enacted at different condo complexes, this is the one that’s most likely to receive little attention. This is particularly true if the condo rules in the past did not allow the use of tobacco in the common areas. This may be the most compliant of all new regulations and one approach that a condominium lawyer is likely to recommend to his or client.

<h2>Reasonable Limits and Condominium Policies</h2>

One important factor to understand is that the Condominium Act does not infringe on what is known as reasonable limits.

There are already laws in place that preclude condo boards from making rules that prevent owners from engaging in certain activities within their own spaces. The laws recognize what’s known as reasonable limits.

Essentially, that means if the activity is not causing any inconvenience or discomfort for others living in the building, the condo owner or temporary tenant is free to engage in that activity. For any law firm that includes condo law in its practice areas, the issue of what constitutes reasonable limits is likely to figure in any challenge to a condo board’s regulations.

Are you a board member who wants to develop a policy that’s in full compliance with the new cannabis law? Perhaps you are a tenant or owner who wants to understand what legal protections you have under Ontario law.

Advice from a condominium community lawyer will help you understand how things stand today, and what legal challenges are making their way through the court system.

That will help you make a more informed decision about how to proceed.

Enjoying video games and online casinos

Online casinos and video games are some of the most popular topics being debated on the internet. Their competitive aspect along with their capability to entertain have made video games and online casinos two of the greatest attractions for people on the internet. Both gamers and gamblers engage into their passions with the sole purpose of becoming the best. As a result, each of them will seek and experiment different strategies that can bring them to the top of their leagues and their experience will, without doubt, give the skill they need.

Las Vegas

With modern technology helping these 2 industries evolve continuously, players use new tools to improve their experience and skills. At the same time, technology and internet have brought great changes to the gambling and gaming industries, making them more attractive to the target audience. But players must know that there are certain differences between video games and online casinos, with each of them coming along with its own set of benefits.

Reward for online casinos and video games

First of all, the rewarding system is different. Financially speaking, there are 2 ways to make money from online gambling and video games. Online gambling requires a certain amount of luck and, at the end of the day, the only type of reward is the financial profit. For example, SlotsCalendar new casino sites are great for those willing to try out their luck and experience the thrill of online casinos.

Friends enjoying video game together

On the other hand, video games are more about competition. It’s all about being better than your opponents. That’s why video games have a great range of diversity. Video games include strategy games, shooters, sports and many others. Money can be made from video gaming as well, but it takes time, experience and skill. While gamblers play for the money, games play for the thrill and excitement of it and only after reaching some of the best positions and reputation on a national or even global level, gamers start to earn considerable amounts of money.

Age limit

Another big difference between online gambling and video games is the age limit. For obvious reasons, minors are not allowed to gamble. No online casino is allowed to let under-aged gamblers play. The age limit can be either 18 or 21, depending on the state in which an online casino is based.

Gaming does not have an age limit. However, it does have recommendations. For instance, youngsters shouldn’t be allowed to play video games that involve violence. That’s why every video game has a certain age category. Video games can be addictive, especially for children as they provide a high amount of entertainment which can distract them from healthier activities specific for their ages. It is the parents’ responsibility to limit a child’s access to video games.


The conclusion is that both of them represent a great source of entertainment, but they must be enjoyed responsibly. While online casinos can represent a source of income, they must not become a source of debt. At the same time, video games, even if they represent a great way to relax, they must not take the players away from reality. For both of them, moderation is the key.

How To Afford Home Renovations Without Taking Out Personal Loans

Home renovations add value to your home. But they can be costly to undertake for most Canadians. Some people may rely on personal loans with sky high interest rates to make their houses look better or offer more functionality. Personal Loans are not the ideal for this because these can trap you in debt.

Home Renovations

Personal loans are often unsecured, so borrowers run the risk of being burdened with insane interest rates that makes repayment unaffordable. There are alternative options to keep home improvement loans less costly. Here are some ideas:

Try a DIY Project

Costs of home improvement and renovations projects can run high when you rely on outside contractors. One of the easiest ways to cut down costs is to undertake the product yourself.

Small DIY home improvement projects are perfect for homeowners on a budget and also hobbyists. However, keep in mind that not everything can be done DIY. Some big projects would still require professional contractors.

Avoid Branded Products to Keep Costs Low

Want to restock the new kitchen with branded tiles or repaint the doors with the “colour of the year”? Branded lifestyle products always cost more. Keep the overall costs down by using sensible products preferably local, like Pickering windows.

The advice here is to avoid luxury branded products, which only cost money without offering any practical advantages. By all means go with brands that offer more values with qualities like durability.

In the end, most people don’t know whether the new floor has fancy branded tiles or not. With most home improvement products, it’s the overall looks that matter, not the product label.

Take Out a Second Mortgage

If you are fixing a door, you can do it relatively cheaply even with hired labour. But some home renovations projects are too large to DIY or do on the cheap. For example, if you are redoing the entire kitchen, adding a deck or installing carpeting, you will need serious cash.

Not all Canadians have savings lying around to use in these situations. In that case, you can consider one borrowing option:  second mortgages. Here’s the advantage these types of loans have against persona loans: they are secured.

Personal loans are often unsecured types of loans that come with high levels of interest, like instalment loans or payday loans. Second mortgages that require a collateral (you house in this case) tend to have low interest rates in comparison.

This is not to say that second mortgages are cheaper. They can be expensive. But if you want a lot of cash, you can consider this secured loan option. But make sure that you can comfortably repay what you borrow. Remember, the loan option is only worth it if the renovation increases the overall value of your property. Don’t use a second mortgage for a thing like buying a boat, which decreases in value over time.

Use Local Vendors for Supplies

Want more natural light in the house? Then use a local Kitchener windows vendor in your area to buy what you need. Local vendors typically tend to offer cheap and affordable prices for homeowners, as opposed to high-flying services that charge fat commission fees.

You might be able to save thousands of dollars at your local vendor instead of flying in what you need from a big city. Some vendors may offer payment plans so you can repay on a monthly basis. You can also avoid unnecessary charges for the most part. Besides, the local shops know which materials are best to withstand the weather and climate in your area of residency.

As wonderful as a home renovation idea might sound, don’t undertake it if you really can’t afford it. The above may help budget homeowners. But be careful about the financial burden you put on yourself.

Online Gambling On A Budget: It’s Possible

When it comes to budgeting, it’s always important to set aside at least a moderate amount each month for fun. After all, we all know the saying that goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – you can replace “Jack” with your name, of course. Among the many thrilling ways of having fun, one of the most easily accessible is gambling online. Given the track record of the industry – spoiled by many bad players (as in companies) in the past – online gambling may be a sensitive subject for some. But if you stick to legitimate operators, like the ones listed at www.gamblinginsider.ca, you can reduce the risk of stumbling into one to the minimum. Now let’s take a look at how you can enjoy your favourite games, perhaps even win some cash, when you’re on a budget.

Make the most of the bonuses

The welcome bonuses offered by online casinos are clearly there to attract new players. They are, basically, free money that you can use to play for much longer at an online casino, keeping the thrill of a real stake while also risking little to no money of your own. Note that these bonuses are only “play money” – if you want to cash them out, you have to complete a series of requirements, usually involving playing through the amount received as a bonus a number of times. But if the entertainment you get is bonus enough for you, you don’t have to worry about that.

Whenever you make a deposit to an online casino, the operator will reward you with a bonus as well as complimentary points (depending on the operator) that you can exchange for in-game perks, various items, perhaps even cash.

Stick to your budget

One of the worst things about online gambling (actually, about human nature) is that the prospect of potentially winning a life-changing jackpot is incredibly alluring. The likelihood of you winning a jackpot is pretty low, though, and so is the likelihood of you having a winning streak that will make you rich. You shouldn’t see casino games as a means of potentially winning money – you should think of it just like you think of going to the movies: you pay for a ticket, a soda, perhaps a bucket of popcorn, and you get entertainment in return.

Never make another deposit hoping that you’ll win back the money you lost. While this is certainly a possibility, there is no guarantee that you will. Instead, think of the money you deposit to a casino as already spent – this will make cashing out in the case of a win even more rewarding.

Not for everyone

One of the most important things about gambling is that it can be addictive. As such, it is not for everyone. Gambling addiction – like every other addiction – can be dangerous. There are organizations out there that can help, from the casinos themselves (through their self-exclusion and responsible gambling policies) to government-sponsored programs, self-help groups, and such. If you find yourself exhibiting any of the symptoms of problem gambling, make sure to seek professional help as soon as possible.

Taxes in Canada with on-line betting

On-line sports betting is very popular these days. You cannot watch a game or highlights without seeing a banner for some of the major sports betting websites.

I have always wondered about whether taxes were applicable to any sports bets placed on-line in Canada.

The answer is that it depends!

Business or Personal

An individual’s gambling activities may result in taxable business income or a business loss. This will be the case if the gambling activities constitute a source of income (that is, carrying on the business of gambling). Determining the commerciality of gambling can be challenging.

Games of pure chance, like lotteries, lack the badges of trade to which the traditional tests of business activity can be applied. Traditional tests to determine the existence of a business include an evaluation of a taxpayer’s profit-making purpose (that is, pursuit of profit) and the commerciality of a taxpayer’s activity. However, gambling is always undertaken in pursuit of profit.

Criteria for Taxes

It is interesting understanding the criteria for their decision:

The issue of whether a taxpayer’s activities are such that he or she can be considered to be carrying on a gambling business is a question of fact that can be determined only by an examination of all of the circumstances and the taxpayer’s entire course of conduct. Although no single factor may be conclusive, the following criteria should be considered in making the determination:

  • the degree of organization that is present in the pursuit of this activity by the taxpayer,
  • the existence of special knowledge or inside information that enables the taxpayer to reduce the element of chance,
  • the taxpayer’s intention to gamble for pleasure as compared with any intention to gamble for profit as a means of gaining a livelihood, and
  • the extent of the taxpayer’s gambling activities, including the number and frequency of bets.

I find it interesting on how someone can be perceived as having a a gambling business when there is no product bought or sold, if it is a business it is very subjective. Canadians are allowed to bet now on their favourite sports and matches so I am not sure how the criteria applies to sports gambling versus regular card games. The frequency would be completely different and the level of organization would be higher in some cases as consumers have access to so much data that they could come up with a model.

What is affiliate marketing and can I make money from it?

The world of advertising has changed almost unrecognisably since the era depicted so well in hit TV show Mad Men. If Don Draper was around now he would have a field day because of the sheer amount of advertising options available in the modern world.

A recent but hugely successful form of modern advertising is affiliate marketing, a method used by hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of companies worldwide. Unlike most forms of traditional advertising, you don’t need to be well-connected in the industry to take advantage of affiliate marketing.

So, what exactly is affiliate marketing? How can I make money from it?

Don Draper from Mad Men was an advertising guru, if he was around now he’d have a field day with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing explained

This internet form of advertising is usually found in online blogs, vlogs or in social media influencer content. In essence, affiliate marketing is the practice of offering either explicit or implicit product recommendations for a monetary incentive.

If, for example, you had a successful snowboarding blog that reached a large audience in Canada, you might begin an affiliate relationship with The Boardroom. Weekly or monthly you would write an article reviewing an item on sale at The Boardroom, including links to their website.

For every item sold as a direct result of your recommendation you would then receive a percentage of the profit on that item. It would entirely be your choice whether you told your readers about this partnership. You could be open about your partnership with The Boardroom and ask readers to buy their products, or you could be more discrete about it and embed links into your content.

How is affiliate marketing monitored?

Every website, even those made cheaply, have tools available that allow the owner to track the source of all their web traffic. Companies that pay for affiliate marketing monitor all the traffic directed to their site from their affiliates.

They can track the average time spent on their site from each particular user and also track purchases made as a result of affiliate marketing. Through these monitoring tools they can keep an eye on the effectiveness of their affiliate partner.

Why do companies opt for affiliate marketing?

Quite simply, affiliate marketing is much more cost-effective than traditional forms of advertising. A TV or radio commercial requires a large amount of money up front to produce and pay for, and offers no guarantee of a boost in sales.

With affiliate marketing companies pay their advertisers commission on items sold. There’s no upfront cost and therefore companies are only paying for effective marketing. Thanks to web analytical tools companies can also monitor the effectiveness of certain affiliate partners.

If one partner is not providing the desired traffic or sales that had been hoped for, a company can cut them loose and move onto another partner. Affiliate marketing also provides demographic specific marketing.

1 in 10 people listening to a radio commercial may be interested in snowboarding, and 1 in 10 of those listeners may eventually purchase something from The Boardroom. However, 100% of people reading a snowboarding blog will fall into The Boardroom’s demographic.

Gambling – A lucrative affiliate industry

The Canadian online gambling market is incredibly competitive, and with strict regulations on traditional advertising methods, online casinos are focusing their attentions on affiliate marketing. The law of the land means Canadian’s must gamble through offshore online casinos – naturally, they do everything they can to attract visitors to the site.

Participating in an affiliate scheme with a leading Canadian online casino can prove to be lucrative, due to the sheer number of players that are attracted to the site, who then deposit funds. Almost every online casino participates in some form of affiliate marketing, and those companies are always looking for new affiliates.

Most well-known online casinos have easy to use affiliate programs that you can sign up to in as little as 5 minutes. These companies offer their affiliates better financial incentives than online retailers.

Instead of basing your recommendations on one-off payments, online casinos base them on the lifetime transaction value of a particular customer. If a customer that has found a casino via your recommendation has an LTV of $850, you will get a cut of that figure.

Tips for becoming an affiliate partner

Firstly you need to have a blog or a vlog, and it’s no use just making one for the sake of it. You need to focus on a topic that generally interests you – it makes producing content easier in the long-run.

Once you’ve picked the topic that you’re going to blog about, you need to start building your audience. Doing this is easier than you may have thought. By using social media effectively you can easily gain a loyal audience of at least 500 readers a month.

You may see no returns in the first couple of months of blogging but if you persist in creating quality content your audience will grow. Once it has reached a satisfactory level of readers, you can then start looking at affiliate marketing as a way to make money.

You’ll need to choose a partner that suits your demographic. There’s nothing to be gained by partnering with an online casino when you write a food blog. Choose a company that suits your brand, niche and audience.

Finally, you will need to come up with a strategy to advertise your affiliate partner’s goods. As mentioned above, you can do this implicitly without ever explicitly telling your audience that you are advertising to them.

This is the easy option and as such will provide you with the lowest financial returns. The best way to use affiliate marketing for profit is to be open and honest with your readers, most people will appreciate that you are simply trying to make a bit of money.

Review products from your affiliate, if something’s a good deal be up front and tell your audience to go and buy it. The risk with not doing this and advertising implicitly is that your audience will notice what you’re doing and lose trust in you.


Even a pretty laissez-faire approach to affiliate marketing will provide you with financial rewards if you have a decent sized audience. However if you throw yourself into it and put in the required effort you can make a LOT of money from affiliate marketing.

Remember to choose your affiliate partner wisely and keep your content relevant to whatever you’re advertising. What are you waiting for? Go find an affiliate partner now and start making money from your content.

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