Shopping Deals – How much do you really save?

Many people who are on a budget or looking for great ways in which they can save money will look for deals when they go shopping. This can mean anything from shopping in the sale section of a clothes store, to buying a store’s own brand of ketchup, or looking out for limited promotions. However, such deals might be saving you less than you think. Here’s a quick guide on how to stay savvy when choosing which deals to go with.


Firstly, you will want to think about the true value of the product which you are looking to buy. Sales promotions can often make it seem like you’re getting a better deal than you actually are. Those who work in jobs which involve making purchases, or even those who make investments at sites such Bullionvault may be more experienced in considering value and worth, but this is not something that will come naturally to everyone. However, it can be a skill which is well worth developing. If you wouldn’t usually pay X amount for soup, for example, then don’t feel inclined to do so just because it is at half price.

In the same way, it is often be good to be aware offers which state that you can have “two for $10” – or something similar. Think about how much you would actually save, compared to if you bought each product separately. If it’s just a few cents, then you are actually spending far more than you usually would, rather then making a great saving.

Lastly, be wary when shopping in clothes sales. Whilst sales can appear to offer great discounts, they are usually only on last season’s clothes. Whilst this might not make a difference to more classic styles, it can mean that fads and trends are selling cheap because they are on their way out. Such items tend to become quickly, and you make find that it isn’t long before you no longer want to wear them anyway.

One thought on “Shopping Deals – How much do you really save?”

  1. I mainly just look out for deals in the grocery store. I figure I go often enough to really tell when something is a good deal for me. I barely look at the prices of stuff I wouldn’t normally buy anyway. So I’m not likely to get suckered in by that kind of stuff.

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