StudioTax 2014 now available to download – Free tax software

I hate paying for tax software.

This company has released this annually and I have never had a problem and it is free!

It works for Mac and Windows now.

StudioTax is a windows bilingual personal Income Tax preparation software made by Canadians for Canadians. StudioTax is distributed using a free licensing model. No license key or registration is required to download, install and use StudioTax. After you use StudioTax and you find it useful, we ask that you take the time to make a modest monetary contribution toward the support of this product.

StudioTax is made available for individuals who prepare their own tax returns, or returns for a small number of relatives and friends only. Please note that tax professional cannot use NETFILE to file tax returns on behalf of their clients. They must use EFILE certified software.

Note that StudioTax may not handle some uncommon tax situations. Please review the restrictions page for a detailed list of exclusions.

StudioTax is very secure way to prepare and file your return. StudioTax is a Windows program (not a Web site) that installs on your computer’s local hard drive, saves your returns on your computer’s local hard drive, and absolutely NO information, personal or otherwise, leaves your computer.

As always, StudioTax is FREE for personal use, regardless of level of income and no questions asked.

StudioTax 2014 is the version to prepare and file the 2014 (due by April 30, 2015) federal and provincial income tax returns including Quebec provincial returns.

Here is the link to their website.

4 thoughts on “StudioTax 2014 now available to download – Free tax software”

  1. I am using Studio Tax for my tax return. I want to report my medical expenses explicitely for each appointment and travelling and meals etc. I am not able to find the grill where I can enter the information. When I click on medical expense, it gives me another tableau but no place to include all details for different appointment. If I put it in a lump sum, the CRA will audit me like they did last year.

  2. The 2014 version of Studio Tax is buggy and I advise you use another product if this one starts giving errors. Better yet, use another product just to check that StudioTax didn’t short change your return.

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