TD protecting 1,420 football fields of urban forest and green spaces

Over the last decade Canada has been losing massive amounts of urban forest due to urban development. This means we are loosing valuable environmental and community benefits that go along with them. Development is good but too much that bites into our ecosystem is not.  We want to grow or cities but we still want to maintain the green spaces in our community. TD-forest-tree   So what are we doing about it? TD has joined with the nature Conservancy of Canada and The Nature Conservancy in the U.S in protecting various areas in North America where critical forest currently exist. You can find out which parts of your community TD is working in to protect the green spaces near you.

Pleasantly surprised there is an area not far from my own place in Victoria, BC. If fact as of July this year (2013) TD has protected areas that equal 1,430 football fields which is approximately 1,846 acres. That is a huge amount of protected areas. Thanks TD! TD-forests-map Urban forests and green spaces form the backdrop of healthy and sustainable cities and towns and if you want to participate in the TD Tree Days and TD Green Streets by planting trees in your community. Their goals is to plan 45,000 trees for July 2013.

You are probably thinking yes, so we want green spaces and urban forest in our communities but what does it have to do with Canadian Personal Finance?

Well, like all financial institutes that support a charitable causes,  TD supports urban forest and green spaces. This is one cause that hits home with me. Being surrounded by trees in BC it’s certainly nice to know that TD Tree Days is also helping our community. We all want to make money from our stocks however it’s cream on the cake knowing that your investment supports charitable causes that resonate with you. Do you know which charitable cause your invested stock picks support?

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