The Best Activities to Take Your Mind off Money Problems

Stress is a part of everyday life that everyone must try to deal with, but sometimes it can all get too much. Financial concerns tend to cause considerable stress and most people today are finding they have less money in their pockets. Unfortunately, the global economic downturn has plunged millions of people further into debt. While some manage to cope, others might never escape their financial problems.

People under stress can sometimes make rash decisions in the heat of the moment that are not for the best in the long term. They can also see relationships suffer as stress is a very real and tangible experience for many. There are some simple methods that can be utilised to try to clear the mind and make things come into perspective.

Put It On Paper

When we wake, it can seem as though problems come crowding in before any other thoughts and stress already starts to build. Often the thoughts running around our heads are not that important, but can seem very distracting. Our brains forget to process important thoughts or refuse to let them to the surface at all. Disciplining oneself to write on waking may seem daunting, but many find that writing a diary or their memoirs can be very therapeutic. Some even find that writing helps them to purge their minds of negativity. Seeing things written down can make them seem less daunting too.

Some people simply do not have time to write lengthy prose or diary entries first thing in the morning and that is understandable. However, simply pouring something onto paper as quickly as possible can be very relaxing, even if the writing is illegible or seems meaningless. Simply writing whatever words come into your head as quickly as possible for a set period can be helpful.

Drawing pictures to try to quantify worries and to understand where they really lie in the grand scheme of things can also work wonders. This does not necessarily mean a grandmaster worthy of hanging in a gallery, but rather charts, or maps of phrases or simplified drawings. Some find that depicting themselves in a cartoon form and attaching speech bubbles with words describing their worries can make them feel unburdened.


Exercise has long been held as a beneficial means of relieving stress. Walking is a simple way to do this because it gives muscles a good work out and encourages deeper breathing. Deep breathing exercises can be very beneficial to a stressed person, helping to make them feel calmer. Expending energy leaves less to be used for worrying.

Talk It Through

Talking almost always helps and although the proverb ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ may be trite, it is at least true in part. Allowing the experience of others to suggest solutions can give rise to good ideas that really help. Knowing that someone else knows how you are feeling and understands what your problems are can reduce the feelings of hopelessness and isolation that stress can bring.

This guest post was written by Francesca, a blogger based in the UK who enjoys sharing her tips on money management and personal finances. She writes on behalf of IVA Expert (visit website).

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  1. The tip about writing it down even as a drawing or cartoon is interesting. Personally I like the exercise approach. I was just pissed off about something on the weekend and instead of continuing to dwell on it, I went for a good long rollerblade session. I felt so much better after.

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