Unlock the cost saving potential of your mobile

There are people who seem to use their mobile devices for everything. However they may be onto something and if you consider the cost saving capabilities of a smart phone or tablet it may suddenly make a lot more sense why these hand held gadgets are being put to such good use.


Before you go and buy a PC, TV or gaming console consider tapping in to the cost saving features that most mobile devices already offer.

Switch to Mobile Chat apps

Your smart phone has the capability to run a variety of chat programs that are absolutely free, only utilising bandwidth or data. Stop phoning people and switch to free chat programs, it’s guaranteed to save you money and is ideal for international communication. Hang up that phone and switch to free chat apps to save. A very good chat app currently enjoying over 27 billion messages being sent a day is Whatsapp. This app enables users to not only send text messages that are immediately dispersed at the cost of very little bandwidth, but to also exchange various forms of media such as pictures and videos. Added to all this, Whatsapp also has a voice recording feature that allows you to send voice messages while also using very little bandwidth.

Unlock the cost saving potential of your mobile

You may love gaming, but consoles are expensive. Mobile devices have the capability to download thousands of free and paid-for apps and games from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes. There’s also free entertainment on offer from sites that offer games optimised for mobile devices, you will find android casino sites and iOS compatible gaming in abundance. By switching to mobile you will save on gaming equipment and games. Best of all, you don’t have to be confined to any physical setting to play these games as they are mobile.

Do you really need a PC?

These days, high spec smart phones and tablets have the same hardware as a laptop or PC and can perform the same functions. Before you go and buy a computer make sure the device you already have isn’t already able to meet your requirements. In addition to saving on buying new computer equipment you will also get to enjoy the portability and convenience a mobile device offers.

Discover all-in-one multimedia functionality

You might not yet have realized, but your mobile is basically an all-in-one multimedia device. You can watch TV, stream movies or series or browse the net, as well as send and receive emails and use chat programs. There is no need to buy separate devices for each function when you have a mobile that does it all already. Various smartphone’s also have different specs, so should you still be in the market to buy one, choose one that suits your needs.

Hopefully this article will give you some insight into how you can use your mobile to save money. By utilizing your mobile you can also cut back on costs and expenses in the long run, saving you money that can be put to better use elsewhere.