Where Should You Really Sell Your College Textbooks?

Who doesn’t love finally being able to sell your textbooks once the semester’s over? Not only does it signify the end to hours upon hours of studying but it also doesn’t hurt your wallet to get a little bit of extra cash right before winter or summer break. But before you rush to the bookstore to get rid of those 10-pound weights, you might want to consider your selling options.

Selling to Friends
You can make the most money when selling your used textbooks to a friend or classmate. Plus, you’ll both benefit because you get to sell the book at a higher price than your local bookstore or library would offer and your friend gets to buy the textbook for less than your local bookstore or library would charge. Sure, finding the right customer isn’t easy, especially with everyone selling their books around the same time. But ask around. You’d be surprised by how many random kids in your dorm, friends in your sorority or fraternity, and classmates in your major might be taking one or more of your same classes next semester.

Selling to a Bookstore
While this may be the easiest option, it’s definitely not the most business savvy. Campus bookstores don’t need to offer a lot of money for textbooks because they know that there will always be a constant flow of lazy students who just want to make a quick buck at the end of every semester. Bookstores are known to overcharge and underpay, simply because they can. So unless you know you’re getting a really good deal — or just don’t care enough to look for other options — you may want to look at the alternatives.

Selling Online
If you can’t find a friend to buy your textbook from you, you’ll probably find that selling it online will give you next best return on investment. The Internet has much clearer price caps, meaning you won’t get scammed out of your rightful price because you have other Internet venders to compare prices against. But one thing to remember is not to get stuck paying high shipping and handling fees. Sometimes they can be so expensive that it’s just not worth the hassle.

Now that you know all of your options for selling textbooks, you can make an informed decision and be rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth this semester.

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  1. I attend online classes through a local university that uses Blackboard. Blackboard has an option to email everyone in the program. I use that to email everyone listing what books I have for sale, and I’ve never had a problem selling. I usually meet the student on campus at the student union bookstore to make the exchange.

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