Why are Canadian tax dollars are paying for the Bachelor reality show?

Did you know that your tax dollars help pay for a dating service for a CFL football player? 

[quote]The Bachelor Canada is the Canadian version of the perennially successful The Bachelor franchise on Citytv and OMNI Television. This nine-episode, original, reality series will feature an all-Canadian cast including the host, bachelorettes and of course, the highly sought after bachelor. [/quote]

Now, I wish everyone was successful in love and finding their partner but the thing is why are my hard-earned tax dollars going to pay for a professional athlete’s 7-week quest for love?

I mean can’t he go on a series of bad dates like everyone else in Canada before finding his wife?

I saw the end credits (watching with my wife in the final episode) and saw that The Canada Media Fund helped fund the show.

[highlight]The Canada Media Fund champions the creation of successful, innovative, Canadian content and software applications for current and emerging digital platforms through financial support and industry research.[/highlight]

Is this the best use of this money? I mean have you seen the Price is Right get government funding or shows like The Amazing Race get sponsorship from the government?

5 thoughts on “Why are Canadian tax dollars are paying for the Bachelor reality show?”

  1. Sounds like supporting The Bachelor Canada is contradictory to the stated purpose by The Canada Media Fund.

    I don’t think “innovative Canadian content” describes shows that have been copied from another country.

    Do they also support Canadian Idol? 🙂

  2. I always wonder about those funds. Its one thing when its Being Erica , Flashpoint, Jpod or the Dorothy search or something. Shows that have some creative Canadian content or relevance but a Canadian Bachelor clone? No thanks.

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