Why do Canadians steal more music than anywhere else in the World?

Canadians are known for being friendly across the world, but according to a new study of BitTorrent users, Canadians on a per capita basis download more unauthorized music than any other country in the world.

I do not condone stealing music and there are so many free services out there that let you stream music for free that Canadians  should not resort to using torrent services.

Why do we steal music? 


One thought on “Why do Canadians steal more music than anywhere else in the World?”

  1. I wrote a post a while back about all the different ways you can get music for free. I have tried my entire life to never pirate anything be it movies or music or software. I am, however, not opposed to taking advantage of ultra cheap ways to get things.

    I was so smitten with Grooveshark at first because they said what they were doing was completely legal and they were supporting the artists. Come to later find out that a lot of it wasn’t actually condoned by the music industry and now they are being sued by every major record label including the one label they had actually managed to score a partnership with.

    Sad to say I still listen to Grooveshark and I hope they work out some kind of agreement that works for everyone. It probably is pretty close to stealing at this point though although I do consider music file sharing to be a worse offense.

    Here’s the article:
    Free legal music

    Maybe it should be Free legal? music 🙂

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