Why I don’t feel guilty flying out of the United States to travel

I love to travel (been more difficult with a baby but she has already been to Wash. State, Oregon, and the mainland), and when I do, we usually fly out of Bellingham, Washington or Seattle, Washington.

Even including the cost of the ferry, it is worth it for us (small family of 3 – although baby only pays taxes for some airlines).

In Ontario, the Buffalo Niagara International Airport claims it has about 2 million Canadian passengers each year.

This article from Canadian Business shows that the the prices of flights leaving to Orlando on Nov. 23 and returning on Nov. 30 in 2012 were $406.90 each from Pearson International in Toronto with Air Canada and $231 each from Buffalo with Southwest. That is a savings of over $700 for a family of four.

It is simple math and for many Canadian families it is worth the hassle at the border and cost of gas and transportation. This happens across Canada in other provinces.

I find the other airports in the US easier and shorter lineups.

To keep up with the major demand, Bellingham is building a new hotel near the airport to keep up with demand (good news for us BCers).

I would fly out of Canada if the price was a little closer (we don’t have the population to support all the cheap airfares like the US), but last year my wife and I flew to Vegas from Bellingham for $225 total (Canadian) and had 2 nights hotel included (my friend is flying to Vegas for $700+ without hotel from Victoria).

Do any readers fly out of a cheaper airport?