Why you should include your spouse in making the budget?

Budgeting with your spouse can be stressful. It is a challenge to balancing the needs of your spouse with your own.

Several reasons why you should do this:

1. You figure out what is important to the other person.

If one of you wants to save for a house and the other is saving for a car, you have different priorities and when you make a budget.

Do you want to save up for a house? Do you want to go on vacation? 

2.You both can see what the bottom line is. 

In some relationships, the other spouse may plead ignorance or not know where the money goes. Working together on the budget, each person looks at the combined income, expenses, credit card balance, debt, etc.

This is useful and important for trust in the relationship.

I am pleased working with my wife on developing our budget because circumstances change.

My tip is to make sure to give the other person a few compromises.

Anyone else have ideas on why this is important?